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Relieving Muscle Tension with Pilates
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July 02, 2010

Marcelo Micó Pilates Educación has 2 Puerto Vallarta locations. For more information, call (322) 209-0901 or visit (photos by Xavier Manual)
Muscle Tension

Our body is an amazingly malleable structure capable of aligning and deforming while maintaining the ability to still function properly. When gravity pulls it down from its badly aligned posture, it becomes contracted to maintain itself in place.

An unbalanced body - no matter how curved, twisted or constricted - tenses, becomes rigid and pulls itself upwards, continually stressing itself to remain active. It functions as if it were shorter and thicker than what it naturally is. This can result in the body tiring more easily and becoming prone to injuries, pain and diseases from the conflicting and opposing pulls of gravity.

Surely you must be thinking: "but I exercise everyday... I walk the Malecón... I climb my house stairs all day... I go to the gym..."

Here is the most important part: we are talking body alignment, of how good of a posture you have. It's not a scold for you to sit up straight. It is for you to differentiate between exercising to improve your cardiovascular system like walking or climbing stairs or, using treadmills or bikes at the gym.

Let's be clear: if you already have the wrong balance in your physical structure, everything you do you'll be doing from that balance, which in the end will worsen your posture.

I am not saying you should change your Malecón walk for margaritas and peanuts, but it's necessary to add to your daily routine a body re-education and decompression to get it back to a more comfortable and dynamic alignment to go along with gravity.

By getting rid of the tension and strengthening the weaker parts, you will be able to do Pilates and stretch and do activities that prioritize a correct posture, anatomically speaking

In all of the years I've been giving classes I can assure you that by relaxing the excessive muscular tone, you get a 50% more improvement of your unconscious breathing. To learn to stand, walk and sit is essential. Age doesn't matter. Physical age allows for the continuous possibility of movement that is achieved by moving correctly every day.

Once you start exercising with Pilates, it feels like moving to another, bigger house: every time it becomes grander, more comfortable, more open and with more light. The body contains its own spirit and mind, but generally the mind gives shape to our body, that is why I think the body can change our thought and our spirit.

Our body can be our ally when we move it to soften the aging process. A body with more freedom of movement, with free joints, and muscles without excess tension, gives us a life without limits and restrictions. Freedom of movement is the reward of working the body well.

You are still in time to take some years off yourself! You can do it in your home. When you waken in the morning, when your body muscles are more relaxed, get on the floor and try to hunch like a cat and feel how your body changes tone. Breathe consciously gluing your column to the floor and recognize your body parts by massaging them with your hands.

Stand up, move your neck, your arms and legs as if you were dancing - do this in privacy so you feel free to move without inhibition. Stay calm after a few minutes of movement and feel your body.

Doesn't it feel great?

Repeat the process at the end of the day before going to bed. That intimate contact with your self is essential to begin to know and understand your physical needs.

Let your self flow from the movement. Your body knows more than anyone what it needs! Move to flow is the ultimate fountain of youth!

Marcelo Micó Pilates Educación has developed a unique style through years of study and practice which it continues to customize and share with fellow practitioners and students in their Puerto Vallarta based studios. For more information, call (322) 209-0901, email pilates(at) or visit

Click HERE to learn more about Marcelo Micó Pilates Educación.

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