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26th Annual Copa Canto Del Sol Tennis Tournament August 2nd - August 8th
email this pageprint this pageemail usBob Cohen - PVNN
July 23, 2010

Puerto Vallarta's pro Luis Carlos Rodriguez (L), was defeated by Lazaro Navarro (R), the winner of last year's tournament. Navarro has won many professional tournaments at the Canto Del Sol over the years.
The popular 26th Annual Copa Canto Del Sol Tennis Tournament will begin on August 2, 2010 and its conclusion will be on August 8th. Once again Canto Del Sol Tennis Director Martin Parra and his staff will host the tournament.

The longest running and most popular tournament that the Canto Del Sol Tennis Club holds annually will draw a large group of tourists from Guadalajara, Tepic and other cities to combine some extremely competitive tennis and a week at the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta. This is the one amateur tournament in Puerto Vallarta that is sanctioned by the Jalisco Tennis Association; therefore valuable points can be won at all levels of play.

The categories are the "professional" or AA, A, B, C, C50, D50 and beginners. There is also doubles play in the Copa Canto Del Sol and points will be awarded in each modality. The winner in any singles division receives 96 points and the finalist wins 80 points. Moving downward to the semifinals and below the point allocation is 64, 48, 32, 12 and 8. In doubles, the winners will receive 48 points each and the finalists will get 40 points. Moving down again the allocation is 32, 24, 16, and 8.

There were well over 200 competitors last year and a larger number of competitors are expected during the shortened Mexican summer vacation. The Canto Del Sol Tennis Club has four uncovered clay courts and four covered hard courts and are the only facility in the Vallarta area that has protected courts. It is common to have rains that reduce the usage time of the clay court events, therefore the possibility of delayed matches are very common. Two years ago, matches that were scheduled to start at 6 pm were played at anywhere from 9-10 pm and there was hardly a complaint.

The deadline to enter the tournament is at 6 pm on Friday, July 30th. Those entering in Guadalajara have an earlier deadline by one day. The cost is $350 pesos per person for singles and doubles and $200 pesos to play only doubles. Generally late entries are accepted but it is preferable to get your entries in on time.

A word of advice from one that has experienced play in this tournament, players from Guadalajara and Tepic are known for playing down one level in order to capture the winner's trophies. It is not a rule, but I have played at my regular level and was easily defeated twice in the opening round by an opponent that appeared to belong in a higher playing level. Talk to Martin Parra or one of the other Canto Del Sol tennis pros for advice in this area.

The draw will be presented on Tuesday, August 4th in the Salon Jazmin at 6 pm during the welcome cocktail party. To enter, either stop by the Canto Del Sol Tennis Club or call the resort at (322) 226-0123 and ask for the tennis courts or in Spanish the "Cancha de Tenis."

Running concurrently is another tournament; this is the 4th annual Copa Grado 4, which is for youth (girls and boys) aged 10-21. The levels are 10, 12, 14, 16 and 21 and there will also be singles and doubles play. For the youngsters, this tournament is an important one for their rankings and future tennis plans. Expect to see extremely competitive and top quality play in the Copa 4.

The Copa 4 will run from August 5th-8th, and entries will be handled the same way. The cost is $300 pesos and the draws will be posted at the same cocktail party mentioned above. The entry deadline is Friday, July 31st at noon and late entries will be rejected due to the importance of the tournament. Call the Canto Del Sol Tennis Club at 322-226-0123 and ask for the tennis courts to insure your entry. For more information contact atjtennis(at) One can also call (33) 31-10-67-62 or (33) 31-10-67-63.

Rules are being played under the A.T.J. and F.M.T., which are the Jalisco governing body headed by the Professor of the Jalisco Tennis Association, Hector Martinez. Hector has run this tournament under the auspices of the Jalisco association for a number of years and handles the court rotation with perfection. The Canto Del Sol is headed by Tennis Director Martin Parra. The tournament staff also includes Polo Torres, Polo Martinez and Leonardo Lopez.

If you are a tennis player, regardless of level, come join the 200+ entrants for the tournament. People around the club are already buzzing about the event and there will be plenty of spectators as well. Join us all for a week of competition, exercise, and most importantly, fun!

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