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López Obrador Releases Ninth Book
email this pageprint this pageemail usLorenzo Ferrer - PVNN
August 30, 2010

López Obrador assures us in his book that he really won the voting but that powerful business and political groups snatched his victory away.
The former presidential candidate López Obrador has announced tha he is going to release a new book in which, with a wealth of detail, he will tell everything that happened during the hard-fought election of July 2, 2006.

López Obrador assures us in his book that he really won the voting but that powerful business and political groups snatched his victory away. "The mob stole the presidency from us," he stated during a recently televised broadcast.

Although he did not specify the name of the publishing house nor the number of pages in his book López O did add that his book bears as a sub-title a phrase attributed to former president Benito Juárez: "all they did was pull off a feather from our rooster."

But the publisher Grijalbo Mondadori is now advertising the title in several bookstores, such as Ghandi for one, will put it on sale.

They explain that the books tells everything that took place before, during and after the presidencial election of that year. "Who were those that stole the presidency from us giving out their names, how they did it and why I feel they constitute a Mafia - and I give reasons," the defeated candidate went on to say.

He also announced that the book will include the strategy followed by his political movement as well as a call for his followers to stay optimistic since sooner or later they will defeat what he calls the "political Mafia" and will become president of México.

On the same program López O issued a new call for the legislators, members of the Frente Amplio Progresista ("Broad Progressive Front" or FAP, made up of deputies and senators from three political parties,) not to vote for any of the points in the Fiscal Reform proposal sent to Congress last week by President Felipe Calderón.

On the other hand, the President of México, the conservative Felipe Calderón, besought the head of the government of the Federal District, the left-wing Marcel Ebrard, to rise above political differences and work together with him for the good of the people living in the nation's capital.

"I invite the authorities of this capital that each of you rise above our differences and put into effect efforts along with us to resolve this problem for the good of our citizens," said Calderón at the time a water project was received in the Federal District.

Both local and federal authorities have expressed differences of opinion during the last few weeks due to the continuous protest marches in the capital city which brought about heavy traffic problems and sometimes chaotic conditions in the city.

While capital city authorities blame this on problems awaiting solution by the Federal Government, the latter alleges that local authorities have done very little to keep public order and to recognize the rights of the protestors and the city dwellers.

Translated for BanderasNews by Lawrence R. Smith

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