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The Very Last In Technology...
email this pageprint this pageemail usGuillermo R. Adames y Suari - PVNN
September 20, 2010

My article dated September 8, 2010, “What’s new “between” the Social Networks?” described the interlink that is done behind our backs, without our open consent, between our social personal networks’ accounts and contents and our personal email accounts’ contents, to amass all information possible about a single person: you. Artificial Intelligence Systems will become more and more sophisticated in the future, and they will be able to handle and process and select all sorts of information regarding someone. A person will become completely predictable.

Now the new info consists of physical scanning. The Company, American Science & Engineering, based in Billerica Mass, produces physical scanners that can be mounted in vans that can be driven past neighboring vehicles and/or cargo containers to snoop into their contents. The paramount issue here is security in America. Everybody would agree to that!!! The underground discussion is that the US government is worried of having a nuclear device detonated in a major US city. Not surprisingly, their biggest client is the US Department of Defense.

In the name of “security” all your information is being circulated behind your back and now you can be targeted and scanned: Your house, your car everything can be scanned without your consent. Likewise the telephone chip in your cell phone and they know where you are. If you have GPS in your smart phone… worse. In case you turn your phone off, your email account or your computer or 3G device will also indicate where you are through the IP address, matched GPS and you name it. Now that they have all that info, they come to your house and scan you and whoever is or lives with you or if you are cheating your wife or husband: gender equity obliges!!! Evaluate what you have in your home. Of course all of this is done “in the name of security”.

This is certainly one of the most intrusive technologies today. An anecdote circulates about two co-workers who were physically scanned and one make a "joke" to the second one about the size of his genitalia. Just imagine: In this day and age of sexual freedom, you might be scanned "before a date" to check if your penis' size is worth the effort of even listening to you.

There are two questions: Where does your privacy begin and where does it end? And as a response to this question: Is there a law that protects citizens of these unauthorized “procedures”? Or do the FBI and the CIA have all the rights over you as a person? Isn't this a blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment? ("Without a warrant, the government doesn't have a right to peer beneath your clothes").

In the name of security all sorts of enterprises will be able to do no (and already do so) matter what. But just assume for a minute that these huge files can be snooped from gmail or hotmail or yahoo together with facebook, twitter, Hi5, linkedin and so many others and they put together to be able to build a selling strategy. For the sake of argument: suppose it is for business. Then, it is not “that bad”; you will get some publicity in your email according to your likes. But what about if you are somebody with responsibilities in the government or a big bank (and I better stop suggesting potential targets) and somebody finds out firsthand about you or your children’s or your wife or husbands’ whereabouts. Crime networks can appoint nerds to sort all security traps in the net. Don’t forget that the net is a big programmer’s game. A programmer is surpassed by another programmer who in turn will (and will be) surpassed yet by another. Whichever security… is not secure.

Scaring, isn’t it? It looks like we are living in a CSI or 24 programs in which your presence at a given place will be double checked. But the difference here is that in the past we used to find that technology amusing: like Dick Tracy, or James Bond or… remember? Or where do you think CSI got everybody’s DNA and psychological profile? And their addresses and police files? And now, they have scanned your "computer" accounts (all of them), they have physically scanned you, and your family and your home!!! Just think.

Guillermo Ramón Adames y Suari is a former electoral officer of the United Nations Organization. Contact him at

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