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What’s New In Facebook? The Film
email this pageprint this pageemail usGuillermo Ramón Adames y Suari - PVNN
October 10, 2010

A couple of events have been going on around with facebook starting with the film “The Social Network”. We’ll let you form your opinion about the film itself and all the implications around it. The reality and fiction on Zuckerberg is not part of this note. Let’s be realistic: what do we “really” know about him to say two coherent words in his behalf? Or against him?

Yes, I saw the film.

Let’s face it, Hollywood is an excellent money creating machine and a good topic will generate millions of dollars (despite the recent dollar devaluation). I have always been surprised on the organization, the publicity and the mechanisms to have the “world’s premier” for any film. Star Wars or ET or Titanic or Avatar were great money machines. Today it is a fiction which is half the way a reality. The social networks invade our lives to such an extent that social networks are (and certainly will be) replacing email.

So what?

The big concern here is that recently facebook has indicated more “privacy” for facebook users which is far from being “more private”. Please let me refer you to my previous article “What’s new “between” the social networks?” (PV Writers, Sept 8, 2010) in which I warned the readers on what is done behind our backs with “our” personal information.

With this new “facebook privacy policy” they claim that it will allow you to post more personal info to circulate “only between your strictly personal friends”. But nothing is said on how that info will be kept on facebook servers or can be consulted. Nothing has been said either on how the “non private info” is kept or consulted. Nor from facebook or any other internet related application. Nor from email, banks, clubs, forums, jokes, sports and you name it. We are living in a police surveyed system and the government can have access to any info available on anybody anywhere. Or did you think that CSI or 24 were just pure fiction? James Bond’s flirting films with superb gadgets were funny at their times but today it is hard reality.

James Bond was able to get any info on anybody instantly through his spy’s systems. Today you and I form part of that network and don’t be surprised that you are tracked though your email account as a PV Writer’s reader. And if you read my articles, every time they come up, it would be indicated that I form part of your preferences.

If I use the word “porn” and you enter a “porn” site, chances are that you will be identified as a “porn” follower. A friend of mine had his daughter (8 yrs old) taking pictures of her sister (2 yrs old) while taking a bath. The father posted the pictures of the girl on his facebook account for access by all the family and friends. The 8 yr old girl wanted to have the pictures printed so her father took the pictures to a photo shop to have them color printed. The next day the police showed up in his home and accused him of “child pornography”. They entered his facebook account and “proved” that he was distributing child pornography (under another heading, usually “family”) through internet. No explanation was valid. He could not prove anything and a statement of an 8 yr old has no court value. Add up police intelligence and there you are. So, my friend has been police tagged for life with a charge of potential child pornographer. Any comment, traffic violation, or even being suspect of anything, whatever, his personal police record will always have a tag of “child pornographer”. Any "sex related issue" will pop up strongly against him. This is a hard fact and it happened in Texas about 3 months ago.

If I were to use the words “terrorist” or “bombs” or “attack” and you received even a joke in your email containing such words, you (and I) are bound to be tagged by the secret service as a potential “terrorist” in many of the possible “terrorist” activities.

Privacy? God bless us!!! (probably with the word God you and I will not be identified as Muslim supporters). Paranoiac? Have seen far too many “coincidences” that “came out of the blue” or more specific, out of the net, that God only knows how they got that info, (and they wont tell us) inter-relate it and came out with “coincidences” that I have never dreamed about.

Guillermo Ramón Adames y Suari is a former electoral officer of the United Nations Organization. Contact him at

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