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Sayulita Postcard: Writer's News & Views
email this pageprint this pageemail usEd Schwartz - PVNN
November 27, 2010

Sayulita, Nayarit is a drowsy little fishing village on a palm-laden arc of sand - and the perfect place to enjoy the quiet pleasures and local color of Mexico. (photos by PromoVision)
Sayulita, the charming surfing, fishing village 40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, has a lot going for it as a vacation destination - great beach, some very decent restaurants and, of course, great weather. Right now it's sunny and hot in the daytime and nice and cool at night. The town has become a darling of travel writers.

Recently, Sayulita has added some amenities which bode well for its future. Now, you can get a very decent pastrami sandwich at Ruben's deli, as well as a turkey sandwich made with "real" turkey, aka, roasted in the restaurant's kitchen and carved to order. You also can get a home made apple pie at the Farmers' Market on Friday. Another stand has real kosher pickles. I am not sure if a pickle goes with a tamale but one never knows.

True, there is no college in town, but you can get surfing lessons on the beach. And, I admit there isn't a bank, post office or big supermarket. But there are a couple of ATM machines and they work most of the time. There was a third one, but someone blew it up. That was big news for a week or so.

There is no jail in town, but there is a local lawyer who stole a lot of money from a lot of people and she would be in that jail if there were one. Meanwhile justice was served recently when her car was firebombed-but that was in Puerto Vallarta, so it doesn't count. Talk about sending a message!

You can't drink the water, but, then again, you really can get used to Pacifico beer, nice and light. Bottled water comes in handy for brushing your teeth and making tea.

We don't have a Sayulita chamber music society, but we do have several musical aggravations called "bandas" that consist of a lot of brass instruments accompanied by solo snare and bass drums that play very loudly. One such group rehearses every night from about 8 to 9 pm, we know these musicians actually practice.

There is no "real" newspaper, but there is good internet service, so you can read the New York Times online.

I can't get any radio stations, but the creep next door can, and does. He likes to play Ranchero music to a very appreciative audience of his crazy roosters. Their cackling can almost drown out the music... that's almost.

I am seriously thinking of taking up the trumpet. I can't play it, but that's the point. It would give the creep a headache, but Bambi reminded me it would give her a headache, so that's not a good trade off.

Ed Schwartz has been involved in many aspects of fine wine for 30 years and has worked with top wineries in California, Italy and France. His writings on wine, food and travel have appeared in the SF Chronicle, LA Times and Image magazine.

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