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The Next Big Change: TV
email this pageprint this pageemail usGuillermo Ramón Adames y Suari - PVNN
November 23, 2010

The next move in technology will be the TV altogether. But how will it change? To begin with the new TV will be plugged to the net as well as to the cable company network. The way that you can be plugged to the net will be either through wifi or through an Ethernet cable. You will be able to switch from one setup to the other.

To this date, you were able to watch some films and presentations directly from Youtube and all those presentations circulating in the net. Now you will be able to get via GoogleTV or AppleTV to further TV material. First what is GoogleTV? Or AppleTV? Both consist of a set-top box each one operated via its operating system. It is soon to say whether these systems will be compatible between them. GoogleTV works based on their operating system Android. AppleTV is based on iTunes and QuickTime software: both of them carrying the Apple signature. Business oblige, in the long run they will become compatible.

Some TV producers have already started the production of TV sets that can handle internet and some applications. You would be able to consult Twitter and Skye via the Panasonic Viera TC-P65VT25. Alternatively, Sony is working together with Google in order to integrate Google’s Android operating system into Sony’s new TV sets. Sony is well known to be very much an avant-garde high technology company. These TV-systems are available only in the US for the time being. But we know some of what is coming up: Most computer monitors today are high definition components so the new Internet TV’s are bound to become right from the start HD-TVs.

For the description, what you will be having in your TV room will be a medium to high end computer with an additional box: The set-top box, with a huge computer monitor and a wifi keyboard and mouse. So you will have (depending on when this comes available) a very high end video card and watching TV will be like when you switch from Word to any other application to the TV application. You will be able to have huge video conferences via Skype including all the family around the world. To this end, there are rumors that Skype might be sold. You will forget about the TV as you see it today… instead you will have another computer at home: for many people it will become THE computer.

The advantage that this will have will be that everybody will become computer literate… because in the relatively near future, if you don’t know how to start your computer… you will not be able to watch TV. In the past, you go buy your TV, plug the mains, plug the antenna or cable and you were all set. In the future, despite the “facility of ease” you will have to carry further steps simply to watch TV. There might be at first the resistance of some to stay as we are now. The “good” films, the “good” games will be furnished only through this new TV context. No way around: pure business.

You will be able to watch global news from Europe to China from Russia to Africa and from Canada to Ushuaia when the big cable companies furnish wider and wider internet connection spectrum. And guess what: you will be able to follow on line your social networks. In the middle of a romantic film or a football game, you will have a blink from your cousin in the middle of Europe telling you he is having a great time. Social networks or twitter, unless you turn them off (an you will forget turning them off) they just jump whenever a message arrives.

Guillermo Ramón Adames y Suari is a former electoral officer of the United Nations Organization. Contact him at

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