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Free Trade and Investment Formula for Economic Growth: Calderón
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November 15, 2010

Yokohama, Japan - President Felipe Calderón gave the media details of the activities in which he participated at the APEC CEO Summit 2010, held in Yokohama, Japan, which he defined as a platform with “the opportunity to share experiences with other leaders on the way economic recovery is achieved and the challenges we still face.”

He said that free trade and investment will boost economic growth and consumers' well-being and the competitiveness of producers between countries in the Pacific Basin in both Asia and Latin America.

He declared that APEC leaders’ plan to achieve balanced economic development that will promote growth in solid macroeconomic policies will create opportunities for society in addition to being sustainable and environment-friendly and promoting innovation.

At the first Session of the Summit, the strategy for sustainable economic growth was dealt with. The Mexican president explained that he described the progress achieved to date in the COP16 negotiations and put forward a broader strategy for promoting Green Growth.

During the second APEC retreat, the President explained that the attendees evaluated the economies' progress in achieving the Bogor Goals, which consist of facilitating trade and investment flows through collective actions between all members and unilateral actions.

He discussed regulatory reform, the program set up to recognize the standards of other APEC economies on the border, quick business start-ups in Mexico, tariff elimination or reduction and support for small or medium firms.

He conversed with leading businessmen and investors in the Asia Pacific Region and attended formal and informal bilateral meetings with countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, the United States, Canada, Korea and Japan.

During the same press conference, President Felipe Calderón fielded questions from the national media on the budget, the meeting with candidates for the Presidency of the National Action Party and the fight to restore law and order in Mexico.

On this last issue, President Calderón said that, “Where security is concerned, it is governments' task to combat criminals rather than tolerate them and not allow their actions against society to go unpunished.

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