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Say 'Adios' to Buying Bottled Water in Vallarta
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March 29, 2011

The WatAir Atmospheric Water Generator - Say 'adios' to buying another water bottle again! For more information visit

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – "Water is a necessity..." a statement that nobody can argue with.

Any time spent in the tropics, whether living here full-time, part-time or only occasionally, our bodies require more water while here to maintain our health and well-being. But questions and doubts always arise: is my drinking water safe?

Enter the WatAir Atmospheric Water Generator, a new and innovative product now available in Banderas Bay. The WatAir Atmospheric Water Generator simply makes pure, safe and tasteful drinking water from the humidity in the air around us.

This unique machine, no larger than a typical water dispenser and one that uses about the same amount of energy, makes water in a 3-step process. First, it takes the humidity from the air. Second, it uses a 5-filter system to remove any debris or contaminates, then third, uses an ultraviolet light treatment to virtually remove all biological pollutions including bacteria, mold, parasites, etc. to create up to 30 liters of fresh, pure and delicious drinking water per day. To ensure that pure and fresh-tasting water is provided at all times, the water is re-circulated every 6 hours.

With the introduction of the WatAir Atmospheric Water Generator, gone are the days when we need to worry about the quality of our drinking water in paradise. Puerto Vallarta’s water has been proclaimed safe for drinking over the past 18 years, but what about the pipes that the water travels through to your home?

If you buy water bottles, are you 100% sure that the water is safe and clean of contaminates? Not only can you not be sure, but additional problems arise, including relying upon a delivery source, not to mention the environmental damage that is being done each year with countless discarded water bottles and the chemicals needed to produce bottled water.

The WatAir Atmospheric Water Generator not only addresses these problems, it pays for itself over time and, as an extra benefit, it will dehumidify the air as it is making the water for you.

Aren’t you curious to try a glass for yourself and to see this innovative machine in action? Contact WatAir here in Banderas Bay by calling (322) 221-2425, emailing vallarta(at) or by visiting them Monday – Friday: 3–6 pm in Marina Vallarta, Calle Mastil Local 9-A, right around the corner from D’s Route 66 diner.

Never question your water again or buy another bottle... make it from the air! More information can also be found online at

Born in Seattle, WA, Patrick Harrison has been living in PV since 2003. Drawing on his experience in entertainment, radio, retail and sports marketing in major US cities, Patrick opened his own business here in Vallarta, P. Gringo Marketing & PR, a successful Public Relations Firm that targets the English-speaking tourist and local communities. You can contact Patrick at patrick(at)

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