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The Future of Puerto Vallarta's Malecón
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May 28, 2011

According to Puerto Vallarta's Director of Tourism, the newly renovated Malecón will provide a more public-friendly space for Vallarta residents and visitors.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - In a recent statement, Puerto Vallarta's Director of Tourism, on behalf of the city mayor, confirmed that the ambitious project of widening the seaside Malecón in the heart of the city will provide a more public-friendly space for residents of and visitors to Vallarta.

In the statement the director's department confirmed that this important work was born of the collaboration between the municipal, state and federal governments, and held to a popular vote in April. Authorities confirm that this project is part of a long-term urban development strategy that was launched with the preservation and restoration of the historic city center campaign. Puerto Vallarta has directed significant investment in its infrastructure in response to the rapid growth that has occurred in recent years.

Projects that have been, or are about to be, launched include the construction of the new (Los Muertos) pier at Olas Altas, the pedestrian bridge to the Cuale River Island from Colonia Cerro in the city center, the expansion of sidewalks in the Romantic Zone, the regeneration of Avenida Mexico, and the construction of a second tunnel to ease pressure during rush hour. Perhaps the most highly anticipated project on the horizon is the new modern art gallery to be housed at the current city hall in the heart of the historic center.

The agencies involved have the support of local professional associations as well as the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board and the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and are confident that the extension of the Malecón along with all the infrastructure projects will have a positive impact on the lives of Vallarta residents by improving quality of life.

Many feel that the works will also enhance the image and competitiveness of the city as a global vacation destination that can simultaneously offer both tranquility - due to its location between the Pacific Ocean and mountains - as well as the bustling cultural scene found in the restored historic center where the construction work is taking place.

The council responds to your questions:

Q. Are business along the Malecón closed during the renovations?

A. No. All businesses are still functioning and ready to welcome visitors.

Q. Does the project damage the identity of Puerto Vallarta?

A. No, colonial-type materials will be used to highlight the beauty of our typical Mexican village. In addition, the works will limit access to Paseo Díaz Ordaz to smaller vehicles improving the image of Puerto Vallarta as a quiet and attractive Mexican vacation option for visitors.

Q. Will there be concessions for businesses on the boardwalk?

A. No. The commitment is to respect public spaces.

Q. Will pedestrians be safe?

A. Yes. Public safety is our number one priority. The new Malecón will be launched with physical barriers and have different elevations to help differentiate between the various uses permitted on the new Malecón allowing separate spaces for cars and recreational users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Q. Will you close Diaz Ordaz Street to vehicle traffic?

A. No. We will respect the lanes that currently exist, at regulated speeds. We have designated a lane for bikes and inline skates with the aim of strengthening a culture of sport in Puerto Vallarta while reducing our dependence on cars and reducing pollution.

Q. Why are traffic lights and changes?

A. Because of the work in progress, it is necessary to divert traffic to avoid grid lock. The project aims to improve the quality of life in Puerto Vallarta with the minimum disruption possible during the works.

Q. How long will the work last?

A. The construction and remodeling will be completed in 4 months. Only during the first two months will we be restricting access to the Malecon. However we encourage locals to support the local businesses along the affected areas of the Malecon. Many restaurants and bars there are offering special promotions while the work is being carried out.

Q. Who is funding this work?

A. The Municipal Government in coordination with State and Federal Governments.

Q. How will we benefit from the work?

A. Attracting more tourists to Puerto Vallarta, showcasing our city as a wonderful place to live, to host upcoming events like the Pan American Games while retaining the charm of our city and colonial village feel. The rapid growth of Puerto Vallarta in recent years requires an integrated urban strategy that allows us to grow sustainably while attracting visitors. We expect the same success as we have had with the recent renovations along Basilio Badillo in Olas Altas.

Q. What company developed the work on the Malecón?

A. The company in charge of the construction is Gemini S.A., which has been responsible for major works such as the Pitillal River and Estero Salado bridges, the airport overpass and construction of an 8 lane road to the Rio Ameca Salado Estuary.