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Vallarta Malecón Closes - Progress?
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May 16, 2011
To the surprise of many, the Puerto Vallarta Malecón as we know it is being completely demolished today, May 16, 2011, to make room for a new, modern look. (Photos:

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - After many weeks of public polls and political discussion, the decision has been made. To the surprise of many, the Malecón as we know it is being completely demolished today, May 16, 2011 to make room for a new, modern look.

There are many mixed reviews about this new project as some feel they are being robbed of Puerto Vallarta's history. Yet, there are those who feel the change is necessary in order to attract more tourists to our vacation destination.

I can't help but wonder what the true Vallartans feel because if anyone has experienced change, it's them. Having gone from small fishing village status to upscale tourist town in a span of 60 years is something to talk about.

As I was taking pictures of the broken Malecón today, I felt a sudden rush of sadness as I was reminded of Hurricane Kenna back in 2002. I must say, it is a bit shocking to see all the beautiful sculptures sitting amongst the concrete rubble.

However, just like the newest Malecón that connects us to the Romantic Zone also known as Old Town, we adjusted to the change and I think we adjusted well. How many of us today are smiling as we stroll from one end to the other?

Puerto Vallarta is on the fast track of transformation and there is no stopping progress, really. I personally feel lucky that the wreckage I took photos of this morning is not the wreckage of a flood, earthquake or tornado, which others around the world are experiencing at this time.

I say we should embrace the change of the new Malecón because I know after the long months of destruction and construction we will all be strolling down the modern boardwalk with a smile. I feel lucky to be living in Puerto Vallarta.

For those who are arriving on vacation, the boardwalk will be closed for four months for re-construction. However, the stores, restaurants and bars in the same area will still be operating their normal hours. A path has been created for pedestrians to still access their favorite places.

Sylvie Scopazzo is the owner of Tours du Jour, a travel company dedicated to meeting the needs of the everyday traveller who seeks the warmth of Mexico during the winter months. Based in Puerto Vallarta, Tours du Jour is committed to providing the best service possible, whether one is travelling by motor home, boat or arriving by air. For more information, visit