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210 Vallarta Colonias Without Garbage Service

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January 22, 2013

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - In a recent radio interview, Oscar Delgado, director of infrastructure of Proactiva, the business that runs the city's trash collection service, explained the reason behind the suspension of service over the last several days.

Delgado said that Proactiva has not broken its commitment nor its obligation to the city, which is to collect the trash in 210 colonies.

What happened, he said, is that the municipal government, obeying the judicial sentence that gives Envir Eau the responsibility of managing the city's solid waste, has suspended the reception of waste in the overflowing El Gavilán sanitary landfill, so, to that end, Envir Eau is counting on using land in Santa Cruz de Quelitán.

He added that with the El Gavilán dump temporarily closed and the El Magisterio transfer zone also at full capacity, the collection trucks are full of trash, which makes it impossible for Proactiva to continue to provide collection service.

Delgado points out that now, Proactiva expects Envir Eau to initiate corresponding actions to improve the transfer and management of solid waste, and once the problem is resolved at the dump, Proactiva will resume trash collection services, which could be tomorrow, Wednesday.

He clarified that Proactiva is the business responsible for the collection of urban solid waste, that is to say, garbage collection from homes throughout the municipality, while Envir Eau is the business responsible for the transfer, separation and delivery to the final destination of the trash.

Proactiva operates 31 routes to attend to the needs of 210 colonies, applying a service of differentiated harvesting to collect an average of 235 tons of solid waste per day.

Overall, Proactiva operates 17 collection trucks, 11 with a capacity of 9.5 tons, four of 3.5 tons, one of 7 tons and a crane, and employs a total of 70 people on their labor staff, of which 57 employees are dedicated to the urban collection routes.

The collection of trash from hotels, restaurants, and businesses in general are among the largest generators of trash, and these businesses, together with the municipality, are responsible for its proper disposal.

Translated by Lorena Sonrisas for Banderas News