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GM's ‘Cheyenne Brigade’ Is Helping Poor Communities

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September 23, 2013

Operating in partnership with United Way Mexico and its network of affiliates, the Cheyenne Brigade aims to positively impact those in need of help in the most disadvantaged communities of Mexico.

Having helped over fifteen thousand people and covered over 12,400 miles so far in 2013, General Motors Mexico is continuing its Cheyenne Brigade humanitarian support program. Operating in partnership with United Way Mexico and its network of affiliates across the country, Cheyenne Brigade aims to positively impact those in need of help in various areas of Mexico.

The initiative helps to transport materials, equipment, raw materials, and people to places that are in need while contributing to establishing sustainable development of communities. The program is named after GM's Cheyenne pickup truck that’s otherwise known in the United States and Canada as the Chevrolet Silverado.

The Cheyenne Brigade kicked off 2013 in April by collaborating with the Peace Fund in the Veracruz communities of Ahuatepec, the Tequila municipality, and Coximalco (municipality of Mixtla Altamirano.) The team assisted in creating a "health home" to provide health-related services to the community, which eliminated sizable costs or the need to walk long distances to neighboring towns. In addition, the efforts achieved disease prevention throughout the community, impacting 510 people directly and 280 indirectly.

In June, the Cheyenne Brigade worked with the organization GRUPEDSAC, a non-governmental organization for the welfare and development of Mexico, to provide assistance with the transportation of materials to the communities of El Sauz, Coatecas Altas, Barranca Larga, Yegosevé, Ocotes, and La Guadalupe to build various infrastructure-related projects. Some of the materials transported included toilets, vessels for capturing rainwater, and vaccines for poultry. GM Mexico says that the efforts positively impacted 312 people through 20 families.

In July, the group provided support to the city of Piedras Negras after heavy flooding in the region. The Cheyenne Brigade collected supplies and transported them to the area, directly impacting three thousand families and an average of 14,250 people while serving nearly 70,000 meals during a 9-day period - close to 92,000 lbs of food. In addition, the brigade brought the community nearly 3 tons of water donated by Penafiel Group through United Way.

Ultimately, the participation of the Cheyenne Brigade allows organizations to reduce transportation and operating costs, thereby reinvesting resources otherwise spent on those activities and generating new sustainable projects. The Cheyenne Brigade aims to create positive and sustainable change for families while providing training and support, and will continue its commitment to the most disadvantaged communities in Mexico.