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Puerto Vallarta Medical Matters Conference, February 10

January 28, 2014

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Are you a Banderas Bay area resident or visitor interested in your health and wellbeing? If so, you won't want to miss the Medical Matters Conference on Monday, February 10 from 9 am to 5 pm at the Hotel Marriott CasaMagna Marina Vallarta. Meet physicians, ask questions, learn about local labs and diagnostic centers, hospitals – anything and everything to do with your health and well-being.

The day will feature a vast array of healthcare-related providers including international insurance representatives, local private hospitals, clinics, physicians, spas, diagnostic centers, labs – to name a few.

In addition, the event sponsors - HealthCare Resources, the US Consular Agency, and the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa - are proud to welcome some very distinguished medical practitioners as featured speakers at this year's PV Medical Matters Conference.

Medical Matters Speakers Program
February 10, 2014

Salon Vallarta VI

10 am: Dr. Armando Joya - Gastric and General Surgeon
"Helicobacter Pilori Infection"
H-Pilori is a gram negative bacteria of the stomach, in over 50% of the population and is increasing. Sometimes the person is symptomatic and sometimes not. It has been linked to ulcers and perhaps to stomach cancer among other gastric problems. Rising antibiotic resistance increases the need for new therapeutic strategies. Dr. Joya will give an in-depth, easy to understand presentation on this pesky bacteria that just might be why you have a stomachache!

11 am: Dr. Carlos Garcia - Urologist
"Bio-Identical Hormones - For Men!"
Most people think of Bio-Identical Hormones for women, but yes - men have hormones too! Dr. Carlos Garcia is the only licensed physician to compound these in the area (for both men and women). Hormone declines in men are more subtle and tend to occur at a slower rate and is called "andropause". Symptoms include weakness, fatigue, reduced libido, depression, erectile dysfunction and are sometimes attributed to other problems/diseases. Learn the facts as Dr. Garcia covers the use of bio-identical hormones.

12 noon: Dr. Adolfo Curiel - Cardiologist
"Statins - What are the Current Trends?"
Cholesterol lowering medications are hot items in the news lately. Do you need them or not? They are said to not only lower cholesterol but as well, decrease risk for a stroke, heart attack and have even shown to decrease the incidence of prostate cancer. Dr. Curiel will cover the pro's and con's of the use of statins, new and updated trends and types of statins and how they can (or cannot) contribute to your healthy heart.

1 pm: Dr. Alberto Marron - Orthopedic Surgeon
"PRP - The Unknown Alternative for Arthritis"
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a fairly new treatment. Platelets are important in the body, especially for clotting the blood. Platelets contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors which are very important in the healing of an injury. PRP's are used for a wide variety of diagnosis and injuries. Dr. Marron has been working with stem cells and PRP for a number of years now with extremely successful results, concentrating on orthopedics. In this talk, he will focus specifically on using the platelets for treating arthritis.

2 pm: Dr. Hector Escoto - Vascular Specialist
"Dealing with varicose veins: What do I need to know?"
There are a wide variety of reasons that people have varicose veins and they can be tiny and small, or large and bulging. If not treated properly and in a timely manner, there is an increased risk for deep vein thrombosis that also may produce a pulmonary embolism. As well, many are really ugly (and painful!) Dr. Escoto will cover the causes, the diagnosis and as well, the treatment of these veins.

Salon Mexico/Cozumel

10 am: Dr. Miguel Saldaña - Plastic Surgeon
"An Overview of Our Plastic Surgery Practice"
Dr. Saldaña is a well-respected, professional and board certified plastic surgeon in the area. Rather than focus on one specific type of surgery, he will be covering the general practice of plastic surgery, and his in particular. There is everything from body sculpting to a face lift, mole removal to an arm lift. Learn what to look for in your pursuit of plastic surgery.

11 am: Nathalie Batilliot - Licensed Dietician
"Elements of a Healthy Diet"
There is a barrage of information on nutrition, fad diets, vitamin supplements and it is often confusing. Who and what to believe? Nathalie, who is a Licensed Diabetic Instructor, will speak on "the basics." What should be included in your diet, and what is unnecessary. She will also cover "preventative" type diets, specifically for pre-diabetics as well as other disease. You might be spending a lot of extra money on items that you don't need. Basic and simple.

12 noon: Dra. Laura Garcia - OB/GYN
"Why I Should See My Gynecologist Once a Year"
As one of the most popular OB/GYN's in the area, Dra. Laura Garcia see women of all ages, not just pregnant ones! She treats menopause, low libido & other gynecological issues. Ovarian cancer and cervical cancer can usually be treated successfully with early detection. Do you need to have a pap smear and pelvic exam every year? Should I take hormone replacements? Dra. Garcia will cover these questions and much more.

1 pm: Dra. Claudia de Moral - Radiologist/Breast Specialist
"Breast Cancer - The Basics"
Puerto Vallarta is so very lucky to have Dra. Claudia here. As a breast specialist, her knowledge has saved many lives of women who might not have otherwise been diagnosed in time. She will cover the importance of mammograms/ultra sounds and self-breast exams, the diagnosing of breast cancer, the various types of diagnosis and what are current trends in breast health. Your age doesn't matter - this talk is for women of all ages.

2 pm: Dr. Octavio Lomeli - Dentist
"Functional Mouth Rehabilitation"
Rehab of the mouth is all about re-storing the mouth, not only the anatomical components of the teeth but looking at the mouth as a whole. Dr. Lomeli has the most state-of-the-art dental center in the area with a wide variety of specialists, but it is also a teaching center, with dentists coming from all over the world.

Note: These talks are free of charge and there is no pre-registration.

Doors open at 9 am and we finish at 5 pm. During the conference, the Marriott offers a discounted price for lunch at all their restaurants – this was very popular last year! Mark your calendars now so you won't miss this very informative and impressive event!

For more information, contact Pamela Thompson at pamela(at), or 322-107-7007.