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Mastretta MXT: First Mexican Sportscar to go Global?

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April 2, 2014

The Mastretta MXT is the first car of any description that can claim to be 100 percent Mexican. The sports car has received national and international attention, but will need refinement to compete in Europe.

The Mastretta MXT, the world's first Mexican sportscar, is set to receive a new engine and some styling tweaks before officially going on sale beyond South America in 2015. The two-seater sportscar which, for want of a better comparison is a Latin take on the Lotus Elise, albeit a more comfortable one is well-styled and full of promise.

The first car of any description that can claim to be 100 percent Mexican explicity, conceived, designed, developed, and built in the country The Mastretta MXT is an impressive first attempt but will need refinement if it hopes to compete with the aforementioned Elise as well as a host of other two-seat, rear-wheel drive roadsters from European and Japanese companies already on sale in Europe.

Therefore the car will be getting a new 2.0-litre turbo engine sourced from the Ford Focus and some external changes that the company hopes will cut the car's weight to below 1,000 kgs.

Steve Hindle, the man charged with bringing the MXT to European shores, said that the car has to be competitive when it goes on sale and the key to this will be how it performs. "Our philosophy is that weight and chassis architecture defines performance," said Hindle. "The power-to-weight ratio and the raw response from the chassis are what will make this car stand out."

The current MXT can accelerate from 0-62/mph in 4.9 seconds and, thanks to its chassis setup and mid-engine layout, can handle 1.1G of lateral acceleration, making it great for high-speed cornering and drifting. The current car weighs 1050 kg. By shedding weight and adding a more potent engine it could be even better. However, we'll have to wait until 2015 to find out.

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