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Vallarta Mayor Gives Students School Uniforms & Shoes

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August 25, 2014

The municipal government launched the program at the Emancipación elementary school in Ixtapa, handing out 60,000 uniforms, 30,000 pairs of shoes, and school insurance to about 56,000 students.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - Last week, 30,000 Puerto Vallarta preschool, primary and secondary school students were supplied with school uniforms, shoes and insurance as part of Mayor Ramón Guerrero Martínez's commitment to ensuring that the children of this city receive a quality education and have better opportunities for development.

The municipal government launched the program at the Emancipación elementary school in Ixtapa, handing out 60,000 uniforms, 30,000 pairs of shoes, and school insurance credentials to about 56,000 children, representing a significant cost savings for local families throughout the municipality.

"What drives us is to work for these kids today so that they'll have better opportunities tomorrow. We can mold them, and mold them well, by working to make sure that every family has the basics for living: enough so that their children can go to school with dignity, in good shoes and nice uniforms, carrying backpacks with the tools and supplies they'll need, and with student insurance because the only way we can change history is to always bet on you, and this government is just looking for our little ones, our families, to have a better chance at life," said the Mayor.

"With this," he continued, "we are fulfilling our promise to the Vallartenses to address a primary need - providing your children with everything they need so that their only concern is to study."

He explained that this is a shared commitment, as long as the government gives them the tools to go to school with dignity, the parents will drive the students' academic preparation every day, and their teachers will be better prepared to get the best results.

Along with this noble program, Ramón Guerrero said that this year they also delivered backpacks full of school supplies. This year, the state government is supporting the "backpack program" by matching funds provided by the municipality peso for peso, whereas last year this support was covered 100% by the Puerto Vallarta City Council.

The Director of Social Development, Arturo Davalos Peña, explained that on the first day of delivery, 2,700 pairs of shoes and uniforms were delivered to students in 15 pre schools, 20 primary, and 4 secondary schools out of the 237 educational institutions that will benefiting from this program. The school insurance, which protects against accidents at school or during transport from home to campus and campus home with coverage of up to 40 thousand pesos, has already covered some of the students from their first day of class.

He noted that registration forms were handed out to the kids that are attending preschool, primary or secondary for the first time, so that in October they can also receive the support provided by this program, which is the only one of its kind in the State of Jalisco.

At the program's launch last Wednesday, Mayor Ramón Guerrero was accompanied by the Jalisco Minister of Tourism, Enrique Ramos Flores; the Regional Coordinator of the Ministry of Development and Social Integration, Oscar Castillon; education authorities, parents, and councilors of the municipal government.

The original story, published by Vallarta Opina, was translated and edited by María Francesca for