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October 2015 Puerto Vallarta Health News & Clinics

September 29, 2015

For all of your Puerto Vallarta medical needs contact Pamela Thompson at (322) 222-9638, 044-322-107-7007, pamela(at)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Where did the summer go? It has whizzed by, hot and humid. We now look forward to our "snowbirds" returning for the winter season!

Coming in October

We are ready for a very active month with our clinics, speakers programs and activities for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From Pink Cocktails to a Pink Brunch, we will strive to make as many people aware of the importance of early diagnosis. We hope to see you at one or more of our "pink" gatherings.

HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta Information

We have tweeked and updated our website,, with photos of our physicians, updated PLUS membership benefits and much more. Please take a look!

We do not sell insurance, BUT we do work with representatives who handle various policies. Contact us for information. Please, don't leave home without it! Or, if you are here full-time and you are looking for coverage, we have reps for that as well.

Are you prepared for a Medical Emergency with contact information and a plan? It's not something one expects - but of course, it happens. If you would like a list of suggestions as to how to prepare, please contact us.

HealthCare Resources is here for all of your health care needs, from consults to diagnostic studies, insurance recommendations, speakers programs/patient education, Men's and Women's Check-ups, vaccines, insurance assistance and so much more. Anything and everything related to health care in the Banderas Bay area. We work with 25 physicians of all specialties and 3 hospitals (Amerimed, San Javier and Medasist). We are an independent company. We do not work on a commission or referral fee basis. We have contracts with the physicians and hospitals and are paid a set amount by them.

Lyme Disease

We are very proud to be working with Lyme Disease Mexico. This disease is an epidemic and if you know anyone who has it/been diagnosed, you know that it is a horrible, debilitating disease. We encourage you to watch "Under Our Skin" (easy to view on Youtube.) Visit, or contact us for more information.

Hot Topic Mondays

We are pleased to begin again, our Hot Topic Mondays. What a great line-up we have planned! All presentations are at no charge BUT we do require an RSVP because space is limited. Locations vary so please email for a reservation and we will send information. Nearly always at 11 am.

Monday, October 5th
"How to Love the Process of Aging" - Jean Martin, Psychologist
In our present day society there has been way too much emphasis on achieving, being young and making money. It's difficult to age without becoming invisible, yet how do we tap into the wonderful experience of becoming older? Is it a matter of accepting the inevitable or taking control of our everyday experiences and turning them into something spectacular? It's your decision!

Monday, October 12th
"Jungle Critters" - Dr. Fernando Marquez, Emergency Room Physician
What is that really yucky looking bug crawling through your house? What do you do if bitten by a scorpion? Is that snake poisonous? What is the treatment for a spider bite? These topics and many more will be covered!

Monday, October 19th
"Mixing Meds" - Dr. Fernando Marquez, Emergency Room Physician
Many people do not know that taking Medication 'A' at the same time as Medication 'B' can have terrible consequences. Or, certain foods cancel out the benefits of a particular medication. What happens when medications are taken and then, one drinks a couple of cocktails? What are the consequences of self-medicating? We will cover all aspects of mixing medications.

Monday, October 26th
"Varicose Veins and Spider Veins" - Dr. Hector Escoto, Vascular Specialist
What are the differences between these two? How are they removed and do they need to be removed? Are they dangerous? Is removal painful? Our vascular specialist will cover all aspects of leg veins including treatment.

October Health Specials

We have a wonderful audiologist that comes from the U.S. once a month. If you have hearing aids that need to be repaired, a hearing test or anything related to your hearing, please contact us for an appointment.

We have decided to extend through October our special price for a colonoscopy. Don't put it off - just get it done. Please contact us for information.

In October, we're offering Treadmill Stress Tests for just $2,000 pesos (regular price: $2,800). You walk on a treadmill while being monitored to see how far you walk and if you develop chest pain or changes in your ECG that suggest that your heart is not getting enough blood.

October Clinics
All of our clinics are screening clinics and are at a discounted price. Locations vary depending on the clinic. You must reserve through HealthCare Resources by sending an email to pamela(at) stating which clinic you would like to participate in. Clinics fill up quickly, so please don't wait until the last minute to reserve!

Mammogram Clinic
October 13 and October 29, 2015
Price: 1,100 pesos - PLUS members pay 950 pesos
Includes a digital mammogram, breast ultrasound (if deemed necessary), manual exam and complete review and explanation of your films. These mammogram are performed by a breast specialist and oncologist.

Ear Clinic
October 14, 2015
Price: 375 pesos - PLUS members pay 325 pesos
This clinic is performed by an ENT who will check inside your ears and clean if necessary. Note: This is NOT a hearing test!

Skin Clinic
October 15 and October 20, 2015
Price: 300 pesos - PLUS members pay 250 pesos
This is a skin cancer screening check by an oncologist (not by a dermatologist). He checks from your scalp all the way to the bottoms of your feet.

Vascular Clinic
October 16, 2015
Price: 400 pesos - PLUS members pay 350 pesos
Our Vascular specialist will evaluate your blood flow, varicose veins, and your risk factors for vascular disease.

Eye Clinic
October 19, 2015
Price: 425 pesos - PLUS members pay 400 pesos
Vision exam, pressure test for glaucoma, exam and evaluation by an ophthalmologist.

Foot Clinic
October 21, 2015
Price: 300 pesos - PLUS members pay 250 pesos
Have a complete evaluation of your feet and toes by our foot specialist. Check for fungus, corns, and bunions V the works! Our feet take a beating on the cobblestones here.

Men's Urology Clinic
October 22, 2015
Price: 700 pesos - PLUS members pay 650 pesos
Includes consult/interview with a urologist, ultrasound of kidneys, bladder and prostate, measurement of residual urine. We recommend prior to your appointment a PSA and Urinalysis and we offer these at a discounted price.

Women's Clinic
October 23, 2015
Price: 775 pesos - PLUS members pay 690 pesos
Includes consult, pap smear, pelvic exam by a female GYN. An optional hormone profile is available at a discounted price.

Cardiac Clinic
October 27, 2015
Price: 550 pesos - PLUS members pay 500 pesos
Includes consult/interview with a cardiologist, EKG, Blood Pressure check. We recommend that prior to your appointment, you have a cholesterol profile and we are offering this at a discounted price.

Next month watch for our Thyroid Clinic, Knee Clinic, and Back Clinic.


The Flu Vaccines have not yet arrived, hopefully within the month. If you would like to be notified when they are here, please let us know. We have Shingles Vaccines available now! Please contact us for more information.

We Need Volunteers!

We will be doing holidays decorations for in patients. Are you "crafty?"

In February, our biggest event of the year is Medical Matters, and we rely on volunteers to help the event run smoothly.

We always try to send as many newborn items as possible to the Regional Hospital (onsies, receiving blankets, booties) - perhaps you can assist with that?

We always need magazines.

You can see the complete 'Wish List' on our website. If you would like to be notified of volunteer opportunities, let us know!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Events

You can find out about all of the Breast Cancer Awareness events in several ways:

Send a request to pamela(at)

After October 1, 2015, they'll be published right here on

"Like" HealthCare Resources on Facebook

We also encourage you to support all of the participating local businesses who are offering "pink specials" this month!

We are excited about the upcoming fall and winter season as we move forward with many new activities. Again, we are here for all of your health care needs!

Pink Cheers!
Pamela Thompson
(Email preferred unless it's an emergency!)
Pamela Thompson has lived and worked in Puerto Vallarta for over 19 years, 10 of them in health care. Pamela now leads HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta, a local health care resource network. Her years of experience and expertise are available to you by emailing your questions to pamela(at) or by visiting

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