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Taking Some Time to De-Stress at Holistic Bio Spa

February 29, 2016

When I entered, I felt the Peace. The candles were lit. The Chlorophyll, Hibiscus and Kombucha teas were in a line. Many mirrors, a sofa with pillows, and a large over-stuffed animal print chair.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - Everyone's onboard. The flight attendant, with oxygen mask in hand, is reviewing the emergency procedures. I'm sipping a Mimosa in First Class, feeling the excitement of traveling alone. "Finally... some time for Me!

I'm on my way to 3 glorious days of Health and Beauty treatments! Nature! Conversations with like-minded people! "I smile, and close my eyes as the flight attendant continues: "...when the oxygen masks drop, put on your own mask first before assisting others with theirs. Why? Because YOU matter! Your mask and you come first!"

WHAT??? What is she saying? I open my eyes only to find myself in my bed, not in a plane... it had only been a dream.

Do YOU dream of taking breaks from the stress of every day life? Better yet, do you even REALIZE when you are under stress and NEED that break? I honestly don't realize it until the stress has taken its toll on me. Sometimes I feel like the Energizer Bunny... instead of listening to my body and taking a break, I keep on beating that drum. WHY? It's because I don't want to disappoint, so I leave my own oxygen mask until last, allowing myself to get distracted helping others to put on their masks first... just like the flight attendant said NOT to do.

Friday is my day to write my column, but this week it wasn't clicking... (was I under stress and didn't realize it?) So, without an appointment, I decided to drive over to the Holistic Bio Spa. Just to be in that atmosphere would surely bring inspiration! (I was SO RIGHT!)

As I approached the entrance, I saw one of the spa's staff members through the window. He gave me a huge smile and waved. When I entered, I felt the Peace. The candles were lit. The Chlorophyll, Hibiscus and Kombucha teas were in a line. Many mirrors, a sofa with pillows, and a large over-stuffed animal print chair. Zoli Hargitai, the owner/founder of the spa, knows how to create a calm atmosphere.

Ana greeted me from her reception desk. Alicia, who handles patient support, gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then Laura popped her head out, saying she didn't know I was coming in. I laughed and said I didn't know either. She said she had a small window of time - so she took me in for a Radio Frequency facial. (Heaven!)

After my treatment, Zoli was in Reception. (Yes, the Star of the Show was out in Reception, available to chat with anyone there!) He asked what I wrote my article on this week. Yikes! It was late in the afternoon on this, my day to write, and I hadn't even started! A nervous chuckle snuck out from my lips... I was embarrassed.

Zoli took me into his office and hooked me up to the SCIO biofeedback equipment. He said he'd check for any imbalances which might be interfering with my ability to concentrate and write. I relaxed into the lounge-type chair - ahhhh. Eyes, closed, I started imagining myself in First Class on an airplane with a Mimosa in hand. Almost immediately, he looked at me and said, "You are dehydrated for starters, Julie," and he called for Chlorophyll water with electrolytes. (My Mimosa in First Class?)

Then, further into my session, Zoli asked, "Julie, are you feeling sad? The feedback is showing sadness." Wow! True to form I had not realized that I WAS, indeed, feeling sad. (I swear to you, SCIO biofeedback is MAGIC!) I'd had an uncomfortable situation with a friend the day before, and one of my rescue dogs was having problems.

Yes, I was sad on both accounts - and Zoli could see it. Besides the sadness and dehydration, he also found some digestive imbalances. He used his SCIO programs to balance me out as much as possible, and then penciled me in for 3 weeks of detox treatments. (HURRAY! I'll be getting some ME time!)

I had my first round of detox with Zoli 6 months ago, and now he felt it was time for a boost. So next week you can imagine me at the Holistic Bio Spa, in the Sauna, having foot detoxes and inhaling amino acids via a nebulizer. Imagine me having trampoline/oxygen therapy, massages, and maybe even a couple of colon cleanses (well, you don't have to imagine those!)

As for my article for this week, instead of concentrating on one specific treatment offered at the Holistic Bio Spa, I simply decided to let you know how AT HOME they make you feel there... the way it used to be before the world got too big.

Besides being knowledgeable and professional, there is a "warmth" to what Zoli has put together. He's got just the right people slotted into just the right positions. They welcome you warmly, making you feel like a part of the family. Even when they are super busy, the atmosphere is nurturing. They know your name... they CARE.

Being an ex-pat "on my own" here in Vallarta, I just have to say that I'm "over the moon grateful" to have come across the Holistic Bio Spa. Zoli has shown me that taking time for myself is necessary as well as enjoyable... so worth the time! I'm actually starting to allow myself to put on my own oxygen mask on first. What a difference in my life and how I feel. My Dream to have more "ME time" is now heading towards Reality.

Open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm, the Holistic Bio Spa is located in Plaza Marina, Local B-10, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México. For more information, click HERE, visit, call 322-221-1607 or email info(at)