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Holistic Bio Spa: The Answer to True & Lasting Beauty

February 17, 2016

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - You're at a social gathering, and see your friend interacting with others. She's in her late 60's, but AGAIN, as in the past, you notice her outer beauty that lights up the room.

"How does she always manage to look so darn beautiful?" you wonder. "It's not her clothes, or her hair, or the tan she got on her vacation. It's something deeper than that. She has a radiance that shines from deep within." When you've seen her at the market with no make-up and in her not-so-great-looking-jeans, she still radiates. She looks like she's 'feelin' fine' even then. "So what's the deal?" you wonder. "Why can't I feel good inside like she does? I bet I'd look better on the outside, too, if I felt better on the inside."

The Answer to Long Lasting Beauty is: Feel good on the inside, and it will show on the outside. The Question is: HOW?

If we think a thought over and over enough times, we start believing it. That's how beliefs are born. It's no wonder, then, that many of us have thought over and over again, and therefore now BELIEVE, that aging has to include aches, pains and illnesses, which will lead us into not feeling good inside anymore... and that we just have to put up with it as we age. (False!) If that is false, then how can we combat the aches, pains and illnesses, and feel good on the inside again so we CAN have an elegant and graceful beauty about us on the outside?

Before we go any further, let's be clear... Don't think I'm purporting that you'll end up looking like Penelope Cruz or Marilyn Monroe! And we can throw in George Clooney for you male readers! Or that I'm suggesting to throw out your peptide anti-aging cream, or to never treat yourself to a new outfit, etc... Absolutely NOT!

What I AM saying is that you CAN feel like a million bucks on the inside as you age... the way you did in your youth... and GREATLY reduce your aches, pains and illnesses along the way. (I'm living proof of this!) So... are you interested to know how I got to feeling good inside again despite my 62 years on this planet? It starts with something called SCIO Biofeedback! That's right! All of that Quantum Physics stuff that is baffling - and at the same time oh-so-fascinating!

Specifically, I went to the Holistic Bio Spa where my Naturopath, Zoli Hargitai, is owner/founder. I have had four SCIO biofeedback sessions since June 2015, and have completed the resulting protocols. Now I'm "feelin' fine" inside - and it shows!

What is SCIO Biofeedback? SCIO stands for Scientific Consciousness Interface Operating system. It's Health Technology that scans your body - Physically, Mentally and Emotionally - as you sit and let the computer you are hooked up to do the work. The program scans your body much like a virus scan on a computer. Or think of it like a scale that you step on that gives you feedback on what you weigh. Have you had an EKG (a.k.a. ECG) to check for problems with the electrical activity of your heart? THAT is biofeedback!

SCIO sends a known frequency to your body (example: the frequency of healthy lungs). Then it measures your body's response to it. If your body matches that frequency, it means it's balanced. If it reacts high or low, that indicates an imbalance. This information is then distributed into the SCIO biofeedback balancing programs where the healthy frequency is sent back into your body through 5 contact points - head, wrists, ankles - to balance stress in the body.

My SCIO biofeedback sessions with Zoli detected Stress Patterns within me that can and do lead to Dis-ease if not balanced. These stress patterns can be related to nutritional deficiencies, toxins in the body, emotional blockages, etc. Like the EKG finds and reports back any heart abnormalities you and your doctor were unaware of... likewise, you don't have to know where the stresses in your body reside. The SCIO finds them (stressors you had NO IDEA were reeking havoc with your body) and will balance them to a certain degree right then and there.

Afterwards, Zoli will suggest a plan to continue the balancing work the SCIO started with a protocol of detoxification treatments, nutritional supplements, sauna sessions, foot detox, etc. The result? You become more and more balanced. You feel good inside again... and your inner beauty, that spark you almost forgot you once had, suddenly emerges and starts looking back at you in the mirror - and it's beautiful! Just remember - your true and lasting beauty starts within.

Open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm, the Holistic Bio Spa is located in Plaza Marina, Local B-10, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México. For more information, click HERE, visit, call 322-221-1607 or email info(at)