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May 11, 2016

For all of your Puerto Vallarta medical needs contact Pamela Thompson at (322) 222-9638, 044-322-107-7007, pamela(at)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - I'm a little behind in sending the newsletter out, so we are including May and June activities in one newsletter. Please read through the entire newsletter and then send on any questions, RSVP's, comments!

Mosquito Prevention Presentation

One of our biggest challenges right now is to PREVENT mosquitoes! As the rainy season approaches, it is the responsibility of every single person in the area to take precautions. How do we prevent cases of Zika in the area? NO MOSQUITOES! The same for Dengue and Chikungunya. If you are here year-round, it's your responsibility. If you are a Property Manager, it is your responsibility. We URGE you to attend the presentation by Dr. Jaime Zayas, Director of the Health Department (Salud) to learn what you can do (what you must do!) to prevent the mosquito!

When: June 7, 2016
Time: 9:30 am
Where: Hospital San Javier Marina
If you are a property manager, please send a representative of your company
RSVP: pamela(at)

Breakfast With an Endocrinologist

We are thrilled to introduce Dr. Roberto Gutierrez, Endocrinologist to the area! He is bi-lingual as well – a huge plus! Thyroid, Diabetes and other related issues – he's your guy! Have a casual chat with Dr. Gutierrez as we present "Breakfast With an Endocrinologist."

Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Time: 9:00 am
Location: To Be Announced
No charge
Space will be limited, so RSVP as soon as possible.

Learn About Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Ask any of the women who have started on Bio-Identical Hormones how much their lives have changed, and they will tell you that they feel incredible! Have a chat with Dra. Laura Garcia and Dra. Cinthia Garcia (GYN and Urologist/Hormone Specialist) and find out how the hormones work – and if they will work for you.

Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Time: 9:00 am
Location: To Be Announced
No charge
Space will be limited, so RSVP as soon as possible.

May and June Clinic Schedules

All of our clinics are screening clinics – this means that if any procedures need to be performed, they are scheduled for another date. To participate, please send an email to pamela(at) with your clinic request. If you have a preferred time on that day, please include that. We do our best to accommodate.

Mammogram Clinics
May 17 & June 16, 2016
$1100 pesos – PLUS members pay $950 pesos
Includes a digital mammogram, breast ultrasound (if deemed necessary), manual exam and a complete review and explanation of your films. These are performed by a breast specialist and an oncologist.

Skin Clinics
May 19 & 25, 2016
June 14 & 21, 2016
$300 pesos – PLUS members pay $250 pesos
This is a skin cancer screening check by an oncologist (not by a dermatologist). He checks from your scalp all the way to the bottoms of your feet.

Vascular Clinics
May 20 & June 24, 2016
$400 pesos – PLUS members pay $350 pesos
Our Vascular specialist will evaluate your blood flow, varicose veins, and your risk factors for vascular disease.

Cardiac Clinic
May 25, 2016
$550 pesos PLUS members pay $500 pesos
Includes consult/interview with a cardiologist, EKG, Blood Pressure check. We recommend that prior to your appointment, you have a cholesterol profile and we are offering this at a discounted price.

Women's Clinics
May 27 & June 27, 2016

Option #1:
$775 pesos – PLUS members pay $690 pesos
Includes consult, pap smear, pelvic exam by a female GYN.

Option #2:
$1,000 pesos – PLUS members pay $900 pesos
Includes consult, pap smear, pelvic exam and trans-vaginal ultrasound by a female GYN.

Eye Clinics
May 30 & June 20, 2016
$425 pesos – PLUS members pay $400 pesos
Vision exam, pressure test for glaucoma, exam and evaluation by an ophthalmologist

Foot Clinics
May 27 & June 28, 2016
$300 pesos – PLUS members pay $250 pesos
Have a complete evaluation of your feet and toes by our foot specialist. Check for fungus, corns, and bunions – the works! Our feet take a beating on the cobblestones here. ***BONUS*** All participants in the Foot Clinic have the opportunity to have a wonderful Medical Pedicure the day of the clinic at the cost of $100 pesos! (Regular price: $300 mn)

Ear Clinics
May 23 & June 13, 2016
$375 pesos – PLUS members pay $325 pesos
These clinics are performed by an ENT who will check inside your ears and clean if necessary. Note: This is NOT a hearing test!

Men's Urology Clinic
June 22, 2016
$700 pesos – PLUS members pay $650 pesos
Includes consult/interview with a urologist, ultrasound of kidneys, bladder and prostate, measurement of residual urine. We recommend prior to your appointment a PSA and Urinalysis and we offer these at a discounted price.

Thyroid Clinic
June 1, 2016
$450 pesos – PLUS members pay $400 pesos
Includes consult/interview with an endocrinologist. We highly recommend a thyroid profile (lab study) prior to the appointment. We offer this at a discounted price.

Travelers' Insurance

If you are out of the area for the summer months, now is the time to begin looking into your travelers' insurance for the next time you return to the area. Don't wait until the last minute! We do not sell insurance, but we do work with several representatives that offer very good policies, widely accepted here. Or, if you are here full-time, we can assist you with that as well. For more information, please email: pamela(at)

HIFU Prostate Cancer Solution at Vallarta Urology Center

We are very proud to work closely with Dr. Carlos Garcia and HIFUMX. Do you have prostate cancer? Do you know someone who does? Consider this minimally invasive procedure. HIFU is now approved by the FDA! We have many men that travel to Puerto Vallarta for the treatment due to highly decreased costs in comparison to the United States. For further information, please contact us. For more info, visit

Regional Hospital and Salud Clinic Supplies Needed

We need your help. The Regional Hospital is for the poorest of the poor. Supplies are minimal. We attempt to provide as much assistance as possible from receiving blankets for the newborns to hotel size soaps/shampoos and everything in between. If you are able to assist with any of this, please email me and request our Wish List. In addition, we will be assisting the Salud in opening a clinic near the dump but we must furnish all supplies - from exam tables to band-aids if possible. I never request money – only physical supplies. I would like to set a time to have a little gathering and go over exactly what is needed, what can be done. If you are in the area at this time and are able to attend, please let me know and I will notify you once I have that scheduled.

Other Stuff

Our super-star audiologist, Christina, will be here on May 13 for 3 days. We do not yet have her dates in June. If you have hearing aids, need your hearing checked – please email me for an appointment.

Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Complete Check-ups, MRI, CT Scan, Lab Studies – we are able to assist with all of this! Just send an email!

Rumors run rampant around here – I call it "The Jungle Drums." Once again – let's clarify a few things! Yes – my office has moved to Hospital San Javier Marina and I am THRILLED to be part of the San Javier team! I am working closely with the nursing staff, administration and the physicians as we move forward to open new programs and concentrate on the very best in "The Patient Experience” (watch for my articles/information on this theme!). Every single thing stays the same as far as my physicians, our clinics and everything that we do! And next fall, I will be spending more time at the (absolutely gorgeous!) San Javier Riviera in Nuevo Vallarta! I LOVE MY JOB!

Now is the time to make a plan! Do you live in a condo complex? We are making appointments NOW for presentations to HOA's now for the fall. Our presentations cover anything and everything to do with health-related issues in the area including emergency information, ambulance contacts, how insurance works – and everything in between. If your HOA/Condo would like to schedule, just send an email and we can get started!

Just because we are heading into the summer months, doesn't mean all activities stop! We continue with all clinics, referrals – the works! True, the pace is a little less hectic but life goes on! Just a tad slower, a bit more "glowing" and we seek out cool activities! Support your local businesses during the summer months. Let's try to get some movies squeezed in as in summer's past. We can trade books – any other ideas?

Thanks to everyone for your support! I am wide open to ideas for speakers programs, new clinics, new projects, etc. - so send them on!

Here's to a healthy spring!
Pamela Thompson

Pamela Thompson has lived and worked in Puerto Vallarta for over 20 years, 10 of them in health care. Pamela now leads HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta, a local health care resource network. Her years of experience and expertise are available to you by emailing your questions to pamela(at) or by visiting

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