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Restaurateurs Say High Season Continues in Vallarta

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May 13, 2016

Restaurateurs on the Malecón confirm what authorities have been touting - that tourism is still going strong in Puerto Vallarta. They say that their dining establishments are still filled with people.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Although, in theory, the 'high season' is over for Puerto Vallarta, restaurateurs on the Malecón confirm what the authorities have been touting - that tourism is still going strong in the city - and say that they are continuing to enjoy a high influx of people in their establishments.

Annual events, like the Sports Classic and Vallarta Cup among others, plus several meetings, such as the clinical immunology and ergology conferences, that are taking place in this tourist destination during the month of May are keeping restaurants on the Malecón and throughout the city as busy as they are during "high season."

A survey by verified that so far this month, local restaurateurs are reporting a 40% increase in business compared to the same period last year.

For Paradise Burgers, what the authorities say regarding May, "is true; the number of people coming to our restaurant is 40 percent higher than it was last year. We believe that this must be thanks to the conventions and events that the government has brought in. Fortunately, 'low season' has not yet come to the city."

"What the authorities are saying is right, 'high season' tourism has not abated. There is still movement in the city, and the customers, tourists, restaurateurs and even hoteliers are talking about it. Fortunately this year's high season is still present in May. Last year and the year before, business dropped considerably after the Semana Santa and Pascua holidays," a waiter at La Dolce Vita said.

Meanwhile, Brewery Union commented, "we have had a good start to the month, we thought it would be a quiet season, but fortunately we've had a lot of movement. Compared to last year, the high season is still going strong in Puerto Vallarta."

Original article translated and edited by María Francesca for