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National Charro Day Celebrations in Puerto Vallarta

September 14, 2016

The centuries-old practice of Charrería (Mexican Rodeo) brings together working skills, training and discipline, horsemanship, music and dance, in a symbolic reenactment of Mexican values and customs.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - In 1934, then President of the Republic, General Abelardo L. Rodriguez, declared September 14 El Día Nacional del Charro (National Charro Day) in honor of those involved in the art of Charrería.

Rodriguez purposefully chose that date so that the Charros would be given national recognition during Las Fiestas Patrias, as these renowned horsemen were a key factor in Mexico's independence and revolutionary movements.

Flashy, well-dressed and reckless, the bronco riding cowboys known as Charros are Mexican icons, displaying a style and macho bravery romanticized in the nation's folk songs, paintings and movies. Their life-risking antics, called Charrería, are rural Mexico's official sport.

Like its rodeo cousin in the United States, Charrería turns cattle farming skills into competitive stunts. Contending teams show off techniques of jumping through the air onto wild mares, riding bucking broncos and bringing down rampaging bulls with lassos.

The Charrería tradition gives both Mexicans and those of Mexican descent a source of pride. The centuries-old practice brings together working skills, training and discipline, horsemanship, music and dance, in a symbolic reenactment of Mexican values and customs. In short, it is a celebration of what it means to be Mexican.

Some of Mexico's most famous Charros have been Emiliano Zapata, Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, and Javier Solis.

As Charrería continues to be a bond between Mexico's traditions and culture, every year on September 14th, Charro Associations in cities and pueblos throughout the country celebrate National Charro Day with competitions, parades, and gatherings that extol and ratify their commitment to this truly Mexican tradition.

Here in Puerto Vallarta, the celebrations start at 10:00 am, with local Charros, wearing large sombreros and brightly embellished jackets, riding on horseback through the streets of downtown.

The traditional Maleconeada Charra (Charro Parade) starts at 9:00 pm at the Hotel Rosita and winds its way down the Malecón to Los Arcos Amphitheater, where the Charro groups will present a Floreo de Salón, (lasso exhibition) and other traditional entertainment like a Fiesta Charra (street party) that includes live Mariachi music.

La Unión de Asociaciones de Charros de Puerto Vallarta (the Union of Puerto Vallarta Charros Associations) invites everyone to join the party, dance in the streets and enjoy the traditional hospitality and joy of the people of Puerto Vallarta.