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'All in Time' Screenings to Benefit Vallarta Animals

March 27, 2017

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - The new, independent, award-winning film, All in Time, will be shown at The Palm Cabaret on two evenings, Sunday and Monday, April 2 and 3 at 7:00 pm. These special screenings will benefit two non-profit animal organizations in Puerto Vallarta, PEACEAnimals and Colina Spay & Neuter Clinic.

An interesting Q&A (Question & Answer Forum) will follow the show, featuring co-writer/co-director/producer Marina Donahue and Mark Rome, who is known for founding The Palm Cabaret and Bar 17 years ago. Mark was an instrumental crew member and part of the movie's art department.

People around the Bay will be interested to hear both Marina's and Mark's stories about making the movie. Mark also has two cameos in the film, as does Mariana's mom, Puerto Vallarta resident Cathy Gordon who also served on crew as our Animal Wrangler. So there's the local PV connections!

'All in Time' tells the story of Charlie, an investment banker who flies the corporate coop to follow his dream of managing his favorite hometown rock band. The story delves into what happens to his relationship with his beautiful and supportive girlfriend (played by Blue Blood's Vanessa Ray) as troubles develop with the band. Along with fantastic music, the movie packs a surprising twist that takes the audience on a wild ride and to an ending no one would predict.

The film has won 12 awards and counting, and is up for another award in May by New Filmmakers, Los Angeles. Jean-Luc Bilodeau of Baby Daddy (which just won an Audience Choice Award) and Lynn Cohen of Sex and the City and The Hunger Games give memorable performances as Charlie's handsome intern and nosy next-door neighbor.

The cinematographer for the film, David Dunlap, currently shoots House of Cards and was just nominated for an Emmy. His resume includes the films Forrest Gump, Goodfellas, Shaun of the Dead, and A Beautiful Mind, among others.

Please come out for a memorable evening of cinema and show your support for this award-winning film and the Puerto Valalrta animal charities that will benefit from the ticket sales. A short trailer for the movie can be seen at

The Palm Cabaret and Bar is located at Olas Altas 508 in the heart of Puerto Vallarta's Romantic Zone.