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Help Needed to Fully Implement 911 Services in Vallarta

April 3, 2017

For years there were several numbers to call in Puerto Vallarta for emergencies but, since January 9, 2017, assistance from police, firefighters and rescue personnel has been available by simply dialing 911.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - No one likes to think about emergency services, whether you are on vacation or not. But we all sure do appreciate them when we do need them.

Needing emergency services while on vacation and in another country may feel daunting. It can be very comforting to hear something familiar. Like '911 for Emergency.'

Mexico has launched a program to implement the 911 Emergency Response System across the country. On January 9, 2017, 911 was put into service in Puerto Vallarta but additional funds are needed to buy all the radios required to fully implement the new system.

With an average response time of 10 minutes, Puerto Vallarta's first responders currently do an admirable job with available resources. Once the city has all of the proper equipment, and the new system is 100% operable, critical response times for fire, paramedic, lifeguards and police will be reduced by nearly 50%. Anyone who has ever been in a life-and-death situation can attest: those few minutes can make all the difference.

The final phase of Puerto Vallarta's 911 roll-out is within reach, but the community's help is needed to reach the goal. Click HERE to visit the GoFundMe page and make a donation. proudly supports the First Responders in our community. We invite all full- and part-time residents and frequent visitors to join us by making a one-time gift that will greatly reduce response times in emergency situations. Your contribution - small or large - will help save lives.

Thanks to the generosity of many local businesses, residents, and friends of Puerto Vallarta, some of the Motorola digital radios needed have already been delivered, and repeaters have been installed high above Las Carmelitas. But funds are still needed for the new 911 system to be fully implemented, so please click HERE and donate today!