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Boca de Tomatlán is Celebrating its New Malecón

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April 12, 2017

It has been a long time coming, but with an investment of more than 8,873,000 pesos from the Zofemat fund, the municipal government of Arturo Dávalos Peña delivered the new malecón to Boca de Tomatlán.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Puerto Vallarta kicked off the Semana Santa vacation period last Friday with Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña inaugurating the new Malecón in Boca de Tomatlán, where 8,873,664.64 pesos were invested in the two-stage project.

"Today is a day of celebration, not only for the residents of Boca de Tomatlán, but for all Vallartenses. We are very happy to be launching the new Malecón that will be a meeting point between the local community and tourists who are looking to get closer to the natural beauty of our tourist destination, here in one of the most beautiful spots of our city. It has been a long time coming, but now it is complete," said the municipal president in his address.

The Mayor emphasized the support of the Federal Government, which, through the Zofemat (Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone) fund, provided the resources to make this new attraction become a reality and thereby transform this community. Thanks to the support of many people, this will also benefit communities in the sister municipality of Cabo Corrientes, as Boca is the place of embarkation for point south of the bay.

"Today, Puerto Vallarta enjoys one of its best times when it comes to tourism, but we are not confident that it will last forever. There is still a long way to go, there is much more work to be done and commitments to fulfill. That is why I reiterate my conviction of service to the people of Boca de Tomatlán, to the fishermen and merchants, to continue advancing together and building the Port that we want," emphasized the mayor.

The director of Public Works, Óscar Castellón Rodríguez, detailed that in the first stage they built a stone retaining wall of almost 65 cubic meters, a storm drain, a concrete slab of 1,142 square meters, a washed slab of 645 square meters, 43 meters of embankment and a work area of almost 1,500 square meters, as well as 32 parking spots, with an investment of 3,967,813.02 pesos.

The second stage included the construction of public rest rooms, a paved area of 1,727 square meters, almost 84 square meters of sidewalks, 188 meters of curbing; the installation of hydraulic sanitation infrastructure, 20 benches, 5 garbage cans, 8 solar lights and 34 trees, with an investment of 4,905,837.62 pesos. Work was also done to Pelícanos and Gaviota streets, for the direct benefit of almost 2 thousand people and indirectly for about four thousand.

The president of the Boca de Tomatlán and Mismaloya Ejido, Adolfo Robles, thanked Arturo Dávalos, saying that under his government a work that had been requested for many triennia was finally completed, which is joining the health clinic that was inaugurated in 2016 and other public improvements.

"Now Boca de Tomatlán has more acquisitions and more tourists thanks to this administration. Everyone here is proud," he said. The enthusiasm led Manuel Vizcarra Guzman to recall an anecdote that occurred in 1948, when three executives of the ejido commissary returned after months of absence. "Since then I have not seen a party like this in the ejido. In truth, Mayor, this has got us all very excited."

The Director of Social Development, Diego Franco, emphasized that this work was achieved thanks to the consensus between different bodies of government and the will of many people who put forth effort for the collective benefit.

The inauguration was attended by the president of DIF Puerto Vallarta, Candelaria Tovar de Dávalos; municipal officials Juan Martinez Cuevas, Bellanni Fong, Eduardo Martinez, Homero Maldonado and Gilberto Lorenzo; as well as Julio César Juárez Ruiz, coordinator of the Coastal Zone Department; Jorge Martínez, coordinator of this sector; Felipa Aguilar González, municipal agent; and hundreds of happy residents.

Original article translated and edited by María Francesca for