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May 26 Pulpito Drag Derby Part of 2017 Vallarta Pride

May 8, 2017

As many as twenty Drag Queens are busy preparing their costumes and high heels for the fourth annual 'Pulpito Drag Derby,' to be held at 6 pm on May 26, 2017 as part of this year's Vallarta Pride celebrations.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - The Pulpito Drag Derby: two hours of fun and fabulousness - part drag fashion-show, part kick-ass competition, part block-party, 100% entertaining!

This year, as many as twenty Drag Queens will race for $8,000 pesos in cash prizes, compete in six crazy challenges, and lip-sync for their lives in a quest to win the coveted 'Ruby Tacon' (Red High Heel) trophy! Be part of the 1,000+ crowd on Friday, May 26 at the intersection of Pulpito and Olas Altas, just up from Los Muertos Beach in the heart of Amapas on Puerto Vallarta's south side.

The fun starts at 6:00 pm. Bet on your favorite Drag Queen, for a chance to win 3 times your bet in Pulpito Pesos, good for food and drink at most local bars and restaurants!

Calle Pulpito, at the foot of the Pinnacle Funicular, will be closed to traffic between Olas Altas and Amapas, so neighbors and visitors can fill the street, bet on the Derby winner, and buy drinks and souvenir t-shirts, while the Drag Queens take to the sidewalks - we wouldn't want anyone to break a heel on those cobblestones!

Starting at 6:00 pm, contestants will face off, two at a time, as they Lip-Sync For Their Lives while our three-member panel of Expert Judges rates them on performance, fabulousness, and the boldness and originality of their interpretation of this year's 'military' theme.

Then, the actual 'Drag Race' begins in earnest as the Drag Contestants rock around the block, racing against the clock and each other, stopping along the way for six wildly different physical-comedy Challenges, including The 40-foot Crinoline Climbing Wall; Watch Your Step, balancing a tipsy Martini on a tray; the 10 lb Handbag Toss; last year's favorite, The Donald Trump Piņata Bash; plus our Squirt Gun Moving-Target Shooting Gallery and Splash! which features a hot guy in a white t-shirt, a bucket of cold water suspended overhead, and three chances to soak him for serious points!

The winner - based on Lip-Syncing, Challenges, Time, Fabulousness and Originality - will be presented with the coveted 'Ruby Tacon' Trophy, and $5,000 pesos in cash. Second Place will take home $2,000, and Third Prize is $1,000 pesos.

You can place bets of $100, $200, or $500 pesos on any of the Drag Contestants to win. And a winning bet pays off handsomely: three times the value of the bet in Pulpito Pesos, good for food and drink at participating local bars and restaurants.

'Off-track' betting and t-shirt sales will be available at the ANA office (Hotel San Marino, Rodolfo Gomez 111/3) and select local bars and restaurants, beginning Friday, May 19. So support your local Drag Queens: bet early, and bet often!

The competition may be cut-throat, but all proceeds go to new planters, landscaping, decorative street lights and trash containers for the Pulpito area.

Founding Sponsor Amapas Neighborhood Association is organizing the Derby again this year, with special thanks to our Overall Sponsor, Purchasing Solutions, for their generous support, Ron Morgan Properties for sponsoring our special-edition 'camouflage' Pulpito Drag Derby t-shirts, and Pinnacle Resorts for providing $8,000 in cash prizes for our winners.

Other local businesses also sponsor individual Drag Contestants and our seven Challenges, as well as providing support by accepting Pulpito Pesos for food and beverage purchases throughout June.

For more information, or to register to compete, contact Viviana in the ANA office at admin(at) & 322-224-0185, or Sinuhe Abinadab, 322-164-8919.

Remember, the fun starts at 6:00 pm on Friday, May 26th at the intersection of Calle Pulpito and Olas Altas. The Pulpito Drag Derby is part of Vallarta Pride 2017.

The Amapas Neighborhood Association is the official association of residents and business owners in the Colonia Amapas of Puerto Vallarta. A volunteer and not-for-profit association with about 350 members, the ANA was founded in 2002 to improve the quality of life in Amapas. We work to keep our neighborhood safe, beautiful, desirable and welcoming to tourists and residents from all countries and walks of life. We are also the official "Junta Vecinal" or neighborhood council for Amapas, the legal representative of the neighborhood to the city government. Learn more at