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DIF Recognizes the Praiseworthy Work of Becas Vallarta

May 29, 2017

"Our philosophy is to change lives through education. We continue to support more young people, and I thank the authorities for the support they have given us," said Becas Vallarta President Mariel Fregoso.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - As part of the city's anniversary celebrations, every year on May 31st, the Premio Vallarta awards are given to those citizens who have acted for the benefit of the community in one way or another. The awards are given to seven people in different categories: arts, culture, sports, education, social assistance (DIF), tourism and ecology.

With the support and recognition of the DIF System, this year, the Ignacio L. Vallarta award will be presented to Becas Vallarta A.C. for its laudable altruistic work over the 55 years since the non-profit association's founding.

Since 1961, Becas Vallarta volunteers have worked tirelessly to raise the money to fund scholarships for Puerto Vallarta youth of great ability, but lacking economic resources to meet their educational goals. Together with generous sponsors and donors they have supported thousands of young Vallartenses through junior high, high school, university and even medical school.

At a recent press conference, Becas Vallarta President, Mariel Fregoso, extended an invitation to all of the program's donors and beneficiaries to witness this distinction granted to them for the first time. "We want all those people who received the support of Becas Vallarta to accompany us on this special and important day. It is with pride, and great satisfaction that we receive this recognition. We are the first civil association to ever receive this award, and we want all those who are part of our program, as beneficiaries or donors, to be present," she said.

She stressed that at this time Becas Vallarta supports 327 students and since its foundation has managed to become part of the lives of about 15,000 people who have managed to conclude their university career. She said that in order to provide this assistance, the association must raise about two million pesos per school year, which are obtained through donations made by companies and people who believe in it.

"We support students from the second year of high school up until they finish their university studies. Our philosophy is to change lives through education. We will continue to support more young people, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who believe in us and the authorities for the support they have given us," said the president of Becas Vallarta.

While congratulating Becas Vallarta for the award they will receive on May 31, 2017, Martha Meza Aréchiga, the DIF System's Head of Public Relations, pointed out that the president of the System for Integral Family Development (DIF) Puerto Vallarta, Candelaria Tovar de Dávalos, works hand in hand with civil associations and grants them the support they request.

"In the name of the president of the DIF I would like to congratulate Mariel Fregoso for the great work they do in Becas Vallarta; as evidenced by the young people who have exceeded their studies and thus obtained better job opportunities."

Meza Aréchiga reiterated the support that Vallarta's First Lady gives to all civil associations, in this case Becas Vallarta. "She truly cares about social work; she not only supports civil associations, but also works closely with them to collaborate together and obtain better results for the benefit of the people who need it most."