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Marigalante Returns to PV with New Look & New Show

June 9, 2017

Regular maintenance ensures that the Marigalante remains in excellent condition for the thousands of tourists that hop aboard Puerto Vallarta's pirate ship to see the best show on Banderas Bay - day or night.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - After an absence of almost two months, Puerto Vallarta's famous pirate ship, the Marigalante, will soon return to the waters of Banderas Bay. She'll set sail again on Monday, June 19, 2017 - and she'll do it with a fresh look and all new shows.

On May 1, the Marigalante set out for Mazatlán, Sinaloa, for some deep maintenance. To keep the galleon 'shipshape,' every two years, the Juan de la Cosa company sends the Marigalante to dry dock for preventive and corrective maintenance.

The last time the Marigalante was out of water was in 2015 when the last set of maintenance was carried out. One of the main tasks that is performed each time the ship is sent for maintenance is to make sure the galleon is completely watertight and remains in excellent condition for the thousands of tourists that hop aboard Puerto Vallarta's pirate ship to see the best show on Banderas Bay - day or night.

This time, the 100% wood galleon had no leaks in its hull but, as the more than 30 species of tropical woods she's made from are constantly either submerged or weathered, it was time to give her some TLC. The scheduled maintenance cost around 10 million pesos (more than $500,000 USD) and involved 60 tons of avillo or coapinole wood, stainless steel rods, over 850 liters of paint and 350 liters of varnish.

Additional works included the installation of a new engine; servicing the generator, transmission and propeller; and replacing the bow and stern decks. The team of experts also reinforced the boat's keel and rudder and did some general renovating and redecorating before reinstalling the dry ice machines.

Unlike any other vessel on Banderas Bay, this beautiful craft is an exact replica of the Santa María, one of the ships used by Christopher Columbus to discover new lands over 500 years ago. It has an approximate weight of 700 tons, has three wooden masts with triangular sails and four impressive decks with a total capacity of 240 passengers.

The galleon's main dining room is air conditioned and comfortably accommodates passengers in two separate sessions for breakfast, lunch or dinner. All meals are prepared in the modern stainless steel kitchen, and the magnificent fully-equipped bar can easily serve up to 350 passengers.

The Marigalante also has professional sound, lighting, and special effects equipment that make the pirate shows, which feature acrobatics, sword-fighting, and nightly fireworks displays, more exciting.

The Marigalante will return to Puerto Vallarta on June 16th, with tours resuming on June 19th. Whether you choose a fun-filled day of family adventure on the Pirate Land Day Tour or the Pirates of the Bay Night Tour, you'll enjoy the unique experience of sailing on a real galleon - and an unforgettable experience.

Book your tour today and be among the first to enjoy the Pirate Ship's new look and the crew's new show that is set to create that "wow factor" all over again.

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