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Vallarta Mayor Working to Improve Downtown Area

August 15, 2017

Better lighting, sidewalk widening and expanding the Malecón are some of the Mayor's projected works.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - In a meeting with Avenida Mexico, Plaza Malecón, Malecón, Malecón II and Old Town merchants, Puerto Vallarta Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña proclaimed that his government is working on a series of projects and public works that will increase tourist appeal and strengthen business in the downtown area.

Among the works that he indicated have already been carried out are the lighting on Mexico Avenue; the recently inaugurated Juárez street; and the widening of the sidewalk on Morelos. They are also working on a project on Honduras Street, where sidewalks are being widened and the Malecón extended from the Hotel Rosita to Buenaventura. The Mayor pointed out that the sidewalks will not be too wide, so as to not diminish the beach, but wide enough to allow people to continue their walk along this circuit.

According to the Mayor, improvements to the lighting along the Malecón are also being implemented. Existing lights are being interchanged for LED lighting, and the missing poles, wiring and transformers are all being replaced. "We will install about a thousand points of light from where the avenue begins here, to where the Camarones stream is," he said.

The mayor explained that along with these projects, work is also being done to make Paraguay street a boutique road, that is, a walk of cafes and restaurants, and in which the vehicles can also circulate with tranquility. "We are working, we are getting the work done, we are transforming the city center... and not only on Avenida Mexico, but also Peru, Colombia and Guadalupe Sánchez are going to be lit up," he said, "because this government wants to do right by its people and we want to see more tourists choose to visit this part of the destination."

The municipal president stressed that this has been a constant work in which he has teamed up with the federal and state governments, businessmen and citizens, which has improved the cleanliness and image of the port, strengthened public security, and bettered infrastructure to provide quality services to Vallartenses, as has always been the commitment of this City Council.

In this meeting, the mayor was accompanied by the Directors of Social Development, Diego Franco Jiménez and Economic Development, Gustavo Fong Patiño, in addition to the Deputy Director of Business Development, Lucila Alcaráz Cisneros.

Press release translated and edited by María Francesca for