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Oaxaca Families Receive Support from Puerto Vallarta

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September 27, 2017

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - The president of the DIF System, Candelaria Tovar de Dávalos, has returned from Oaxaca, where, accompanied by a Vallartan delegation, she personally delivered the 15.3 tonnes of food and basic necessities donated by the people of Puerto Vallarta for the families affected by the earthquakes.

"We were faithful witnesses of the reality that our compatriots in Oaxaca and Chiapas are experiencing, especially Oaxaca, a population that has been seriously damaged by the continuous earthquakes that are happening in that region of our country. More than 60 percent of the people of Juchitan, Ixtepec and Ixtaltepec have lost their homes, in addition to most of their belongings. Those who have tarps are living under them; those who do not, are taking shelter under trees or what is left of their houses," said the first lady of the municipality.

She explained that these families do not have a place to cook, sleep or bathe, they are just getting by as best they can while living in fear that the next tremor could further damage, or completely destroy, what is left of their homes.

"It was very shocking to see that scenario, to have lived it; we can not leave it like this," she emphasized. She explained that the donations from Puerto Vallarta were delivered to Cintalapa, one of the most affected pueblos in Chiapas.

"Thanks to the big hearts of the people of Puerto Vallarta, the 15.3 tonnes of food and basic necessities that were collected and delivered are already alleviating the situation and sustaining the families who so badly need help," said Candelaria Tovar.

"Something very important and that we personally could give on our visit was spiritual nourishment, to listen to them, to embrace them, to make them feel that they are not alone... though Puerto Vallarta is so far away, we came to encourage them, to give them a smile and to make them feel that despite the tragedy they are living through, there are people who care and are thinking about them," she added.

Accompanying the first lady during this visit to Oaxaca were Gloria Carrillo, president of the Rotary South Club; Sara Cardona, director of the Alas de Águila Foundation; and César Sánchez, director of the Impulso de Águila association and a founding member of the network of civil associations.

Press release translated and edited by María Francesca for