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7th Charro Championship will Feature Top Wranglers

January 22, 2018

In the Charreada, style and precision reflect the emphasis Mexican culture places on baroque richness, colorful decoration, elegance and mastery. (Photography by Larry Bennett, Aspen Photo Art Gallery)

Puerto Vallarta's vibrant cultural events will be celebrated with all-the-more fanfare and enthusiasm this year as the city celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The first of major events to take place throughout the year is the 7th International Charro Championship with a cultural component taking place on Puerto Vallarta's Malecón on January 31st and the competition to be held from February 1st through 4th in Arena Vallarta, located approximately 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta's hotel zone.

Inscribed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2016, the Charrería, or Charro Championship is an authentic celebration of the traditional Mexican Charro lifestyle, and very much a part of Jalisco's living heritage.

A type of highly festive and colorful rodeo featuring Charros, or traditional Mexican horsemen, exhibiting their skills at horse reining, bull riding, livestock roping and other equestrian talents, the Charrería is considered Mexico's national sport and is not only an art form, but a sport with strict rules and important prizes.

This year's Championship will feature top local Charros, including the National Champions Escaramuza El Porvenir, and teams from all over Mexico. Also competing will be 10 teams from California, Nevada, and Texas, the highest number ever to compete in the Championship, including:

• Charros de la Herradura (CA)
• Camperos del Valle de Nochistlan (CA)
• Dorados de California (CA)
• Hacienda de la Villa (CA)
• Rancho Hennesy (CA)
• Escaramuza Charras Unidas (CA)
• Rancho El Jalisciense (CA)
• Orgullo Zacatecano (CA)
• Hacienda 56 (NV)
• Norteños de Houston (TX)

Each Charro team, made up of all men dressed in traditional clothing, compete in 9 different challenges to demonstrate their skills at horse training and commands, roping of horses and livestock, bulldogging, bull riding, forefooting, speed challenges and bareback bronc riding.

Teams made up of 8 to 12 women dressed in ornate Adelita or Ranchera dresses will compete in the Escaramuza which entails performing a variety of precision horseback riding techniques while riding sidesaddle.

Throughout the Championship attendees will also enjoy live music, Folkloric ballet and Mariachi performances, Charro parades, traditional food, dance and more.

For more information about the Charro Festival, click HERE, or visit