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Mexico's Innovative Technology Showcased at CES 2018

January 10, 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show has been the proving ground for innovators & breakthrough technologies for 50 years - it's a global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

Las Vegas, Nevada - Mexico has proven itself to be a world leader in technological development, and this year's Consumer Electronics Show, which opened yesterday in Las Vegas, Nevada, is showcasing the developments on disruptive technologies and industrial revolution 4.0 from Latin America's leading innovators.

PROMEXICO, INADEM, SICYT, FINNOVA, SEDECO, INDUSTRIAL CLUSTER 4.0 and ANGELINVENTUM, a cluster of the most cutting edge and innovative technology companies in Mexico, are among the more than 3,900 CES 2018 exhibitors, including global brands and some 900 startups that are unveiling the products that will revolutionize how the world lives, works and plays.

"The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an opportunity to display the talent and technological development that exists in our country. Mexico has a great capacity to innovate, to generate new processes, products and services that provide competitive advantages. At INADEM we have created programs to boost innovation across the industry. One of those has contributed over $60 billion to technology initiatives in 186 start up projects," said Alejandro Delgado Ayala, President of Mexico's National Entrepreneur's Institute (INADEM).

"It is of great honor to bring the best of the best in innovation and exponential technologies from Mexico to CES. For many years Mexico has provided manufacturing, design and assembly factories. Now at an inflection point leading to innovation, intellectual property generation and technology development, Mexico is poised to provide our products and services under a global economy. Showing at the epicenter of the Consumer Electronics Show 2018, we can demo the tip of the iceberg of our innovation capabilities. Color TV, 3D Bluray, key intellectual property for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality used currently worldwide are some of the contributions from Mexico to the world that many people are not aware of. This is Mexico 4.0," said Manuel R Gutierrez Novelo, President of Angelinventum, TDVision, ImVR, AlterTraining, INMERMX and AILEENN and holder of over 60 issued patents worldwide of VR, AR, Artificial Intelligence and 3D.

"The future of innovation is on display this week at CES, with technology that will empower consumers and change our world for the better," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. "Every major industry is represented here at CES 2018, with global brands and a record-number of startups unveiling products that will improve our lives and address global challenges. From the latest in self-driving vehicles, smart cities, AI, sports tech, robotics, health and fitness tech and more, the innovation at CES 2018 will further global business and spur new jobs and new markets around the world."

Open to members of the trade, CES 2018 runs through January 12. For the latest breaking news and product announcements, visit