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Emerging Mexican Technologies Electrified CES 2018

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January 15, 2018

With the support of the Secretary of Economy, INADEM, PROMEXICO and the MEXICO 4.0 Industrial Cluster, along with other companies and innovators, Mexico achieved an unprecedented success at #CES2018.

Las Vegas, Nevada - After huge successes for Mexican companies at the world's largest technology show, CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology of Jalisco, Jaime Reyes, announced the government of Mexico's commitment to double the size of their presence at next year's CES 2019.

"Over a year ago we decided to have Jalisco represented at CES 2017 and we did with only 3 companies. We made an agreement with AngelInventum to capitalize on our initial success to bring 20 cutting edge disruptive technology companies to CES 2018 to put Mexico in the international Spotlight of the Industrial Revolution. We have decided to commit to supporting over 50 companies at CES 2019," said Jaime Reyes, Secretary of Innovation and Technology of Jalisco.

"We contacted the vice minister of Economy, the director of INADEM and the State Minister of economic development. All of them immediately agreed to cooperate in this initiative and our dream came true! Our focus is to make contributions to social challenges providing our country a higher quality of life. Cluster 4.0 is now the main driver for positioning Jalisco as the new technological frontier in the knowledge economy and be the epicenter to expand to other regions in Mexico to achieve international competitiveness. The social challenges on SME's must be fostered by platforms that allow the development of products for massive consumption based on the infrastructure for scientific and technology development in Jalisco, testing capabilities and advanced flexible manufacturing that our competitive ecosystem offers meaning a high value added to our services and products," he continued.

"With the support of the Secretary of Economy, INADEM, PROMEXICO and the MEXICO 4.0 Industrial Cluster, along with many other companies, entrepreneurs, innovators, investigation centers and people working together as a team, we have achieved an unprecedented success at #CES2018."

Manuel R. Gutierrez-Novelo
For the first time at CES 2018, INADEM (The National Institute of Entrepreneurs), Pro Mexico, and the Secretary of Innovation and Technology of Jalisco supported 20 chosen Mexican companies in the promotion, internationalization and marketing of innovative products at the CES 2018.

"CES draws close to 200,000 industry professionals and is participated in by over 4000 companies. Having government support to showcase some of our most promising entrepreneurs, developers, inventors and startups is changing the face of perception of Mexican technology companies, that's why I want to thank all the government institutions that helped us bring them," said Manuel Gutierrez, Mexico's top technological innovator and Mexico's largest patent holder.

Among the companies exhibiting were:

AngelInventum, a company created by Manuel Gutierrez with the mission of helping inventors to bring their ideas to market, taking advantage of years of know-how and experience to design business strategies and accelerate market time to maximize returns from initial investment; Happinss Mexico, a virtual reality platform focused on reducing stress and anxiety in the workplace; NoMADA Industries, focused on the development of new technological solutions in Hardware, Firmware and Software; Kraken Agua, providing real-time data on the supply of drinking water to its customers using ultrasound technology with a sensor connected to the IoT; and Emiti, the developer of a smart watch that reduces accidents and the costs of elderly care through a 24/7 connected web app;

Kryo, an effects pedal and app for the electric guitar revolutionizing the musical instrument community through its app; Mariachi 3D, a robotics company and the creator of the Catrina 3D printer; and Cuby Smart, which makes any air conditioner smart by connecting it to the internet and controlling your air conditioner through a smart phone app;

Inventoteca, providing space for the development of technological, creative, and innovative solutions; Level Gas Datiotec Electronics, which is the first IOT massive scale product in Latin America and is a wireless meter to check on tank levels in an immediate, safe and simple way directly onto your smartphone; MoTeBo developing solutions and consultancy in wearable technology and the IoT, and is specialized in the development of textile and optoelectronics; and Vivoxie, a technology-based company working in telecommunication innovation and reality projects that has filed 2 patent procedures as well as various copyrights;

Imaatech, an engineering firm specializing in the development of Embedded Systems, Li-Ion batteries, and high-tech products; S4 IOT, democratizing the IoT in Latin America. To achieve this, it has developed solutions that are aimed at companies seeking to innovate or entrepreneurs who plan to build a business model based on this technology;

Minifab3D, the number one Mexican manufacturer of 3D printers, CNC cutters, and 100% Mexican laser cutters; MEEBOX, a technology company focused on multipurpose mobile devices, serving clients that require high performance computing equipment; and ASSETEL, a provider of services and solutions of Information Technology and the Internet, which supports small businesses, medium and large private sector to maximize their productivity, collaboration and operation.

Also exhibiting were MakerMex, the first Mexican company to develop and manufacture 3D printers. Its first modular printer, the MM1, is the first modular printer worldwide that offers various uses of 3D printing technology through interchangeable modules; COLIBRI 3D, specializing in the production of 3D printers; INDI, which focuses on the development of human-machine interface technology (technology that interacts with the human being, making a connection with mechanical, electronic, or virtual means), and Nmerso, a large-format experiential concept with virtual reality technology for multiple users.

"This is Mexico 4.0," said Manuel R Gutierrez Novelo. "It was a great honor to bring the best of the best in innovation and exponential technologies from Mexico to CES 2018."

Source: Business Wire