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ANA's Highway 200 Sidewalk Project Nears Completion

March 30, 2018

We have 300 meters to go, including two storm drains, support structures, a wall and safety railings, at an estimated cost of $500,000 pesos. Click HERE to help fund the last 300 meters and complete the project.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Sponsored and organized by the Amapas Neighborhood Association in collaboration with City Hall, the new Highway 200 sidewalk that runs along Highway 200 from Conchas Chinas to the Oxxo & Subway at the corner of Pulpito, is nearing completion.

We have 300 meters to go, including two storm drains, support structures, a wall and safety railings, at an estimated cost of $500,000 pesos.

How far and how fast we go depends on how much money we raise. If 300 people each 'adopt' a meter of new Highway sidewalk, we can finish the entire project this year.

Adopt a Meter of Sidewalk for Just $1,750 Pesos!

Adopt 5 meters for $8,750 pesos and get a tile plaque commemorating your contribution on the wall at the end of the sidewalk! Adopt 10 meters for $17,500 pesos and get a really big "Thank You" plaque!

Including tickets and pledges, our 'Mariachis, Margaritas & More!' event raised about $125,000 pesos for the completion of the sidewalk.

Help us raise an additional $125,000 pesos now. That'll take us beyond Calle Hortensias - half the remaining distance - this year.

That's just 75 more 'adoptions' of one meter at $1,750/meter. If 15 people adopt 5 meters each, we've met our goal for this year. If only 8 people, groups, or buildings, adopt 10 meters, we're there!

Click HERE, stop by our office at 111/3 Rodolfo Gomez (across from Barra Light), or call us at (322) 244-0185 to make a donation today!

ANA keeps the money in a separate fund and supervises the project. City Hall provides the labor. ANA buys the materials and accounts for every peso.

Together, we can do this!

The Amapas Neighborhood Association is the official association of residents and business owners in the Colonia Amapas of Puerto Vallarta. A volunteer and not-for-profit association with about 350 members, the ANA was founded in 2002 to improve the quality of life in Amapas. We work to keep our neighborhood safe, beautiful, desirable and welcoming to tourists and residents from all countries and walks of life. We are also the official "Junta Vecinal" or neighborhood council for Amapas, the legal representative of the neighborhood to the city government. Learn more at