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Amapas Neighborhood Association's Spring Newsletter

May 2, 2018

Founded in 2002 to improve the quality of life in Colonia Amapas, ANA works to keep our neighborhood safe, beautiful, desirable and welcoming to tourists and residents from all countries and walks of life.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - The Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA), a group of Mexican and ex-pat residents and business owners that work together to enhance the quality of life through improvements in security, streets and infrastructure, and responsible development, brings us up to date on what's happening in Colonia Amapas.

ANA is the official representative of Colonia Amapas to City Hall, so if you want your voice heard and your concerns addressed, membership in the Amapas Neighborhood Association is your best bet.


A proposed new seven-story condo tower at the end of Calle Pilitas, where it intersects with Pino Suarez (on paper, anyway) threatens the location of the stairway that historically connected Amapas residents near the highway with neighbors on Pilitas and provided pedestrian access to the beach. The stairs were destroyed during the construction of 212 Pilitas several years ago and, despite the developer's promises to neighbors, never rebuilt.

Now, ANA is working with neighbors, including the San Franciscan, Escondido and Canada Romantica condominiums, to get City permission to rebuild the Pilitas Stairs. We need neighborhood residents' signatures as proof that we care about the stairs and support their reconstruction.

Stop by the ANA office at 111/3 Rodolfo Gomez, in the Hotel San Marino – across from Barra Light and The Coffee Cup, or Click HERE – and sign the petition! Call 322-223-8312 for more information. Do it today!


Since our March 21 Security Alert about a series of late-night burglaries near Highway 200 and in lower Hortensias and Gardenias, it's been pretty quiet in Amapas, crime-wise. ANA is unaware of any new break-ins or late-night burglaries. However, a Jeep was recently stolen from La Cima I's secure parking enclosure. A police report was filed, and later officially ratified at the DA's office. Both steps are important to 1) make sure that the police are aware of problems, and 2) document the loss for your insurance company.

The La Cima I guard reported that a suspicious vehicle had passed by several times, so neighbors are advised to keep an eye out and report suspicious activity by calling 911 or alerting the Amapas-Police Whatsapp Group.

In other Security and Police news, Vallarta has a new Police Chief, Sr. Misael Lopez, Director of Public Security. Following the early-morning, allegedly 'hate crime' inspired, shooting in Cardenas Park (end of March), Chief Lopez met with local community leaders, including Vidal Meza, Javier Jimenez, and our own Gene Mendoza and Tom Swale, to discuss the matter.

Chief Lopez has been added to the Amapas Security Whatsapp Group, so he is instantly aware of any emergencies or crimes in our neighborhood requiring immediate response.


Including ticket sales and pledges, Mariachis, Margaritas & More, organized by Viejo Vallarta and the Amapas Neighborhood Association, raised about $125,000 pesos to buy construction materials for the Highway 200 Sidewalk Project.

Running from Conchas Chinas to the Oxxo & Subway at the corner of Pulpito, the entire 300 meter project, including storm drains, retaining walls, support structures and railings, will cost an estimated $500,000 pesos to complete.

How far and how fast we go depends on how much money we raise. Help us raise an additional $125,000 pesos now. That'll take us beyond Calle Hortensias – half the remaining distance – this year.

• Adopt 1 meter of Highway Sidewalk for a contribution of $1,750 pesos or $100 USD.
• Adopt 5 meters for $8,750 pesos ($500 USD) and get a tile plaque.
• Adopt 10 meters for $17,500 pesos ($1,000 USD) and get a big thank-you plaque!
• Corporate sponsorships available.

Stop by our office at 111/3 Rodolfo Gomez, (across from Barra Light), go to our website, or call us at (322) 223-8312 to make a donation today. Together, we can do this!


ANA is looking for a few good men – and women – to volunteer their time, energy and experience to a worthy cause:

PULPITO DRAG DERBY: The Pulpito Drag Derby, otherwise known as Vallarta's Annual Running Of The Drag Queens, now in its fifth year, is a fun Friday afternoon, part block party, part ANA fundraiser. ANA makes money for local street improvements through sponsorships and the selling of beer, bets and souvenir T-shirts, and needs volunteers to lend a hand. Click HERE for more Drag Derby information.

ANA FINANCIAL COMMITTEE: A small group of current and former business people with some accounting background and spreadsheet savvy to periodically review ANA books and monthly accounting for accuracy, transparency, etc.

ANA RECYCLING PROGRAM VOLUNTEER MANAGER: ANA collects and recycles plastic and aluminum for members and Full Member Buildings who want to participate. We need a volunteer to improve communications with individuals and buildings so that everyone knows what is – and isn't – eligible for pickup and recycling, and get more members to recycle. If you care about recycling, we should talk!

If you're interested, or know someone you think might be right for either position, email us at admin(at), or call (322) 223-8312 for more information.


Friday, May 18: ANA'S monthly Meet & Greet at Robin Spencer's Casa Angel

Friday, May 25: Pulpito Drag Derby – a fun neighborhood fundraiser!

Friday, June 22: Meet & Greet at Casa Corazon hosted by Barry Soloff & Anthony Perroto

Friday, July 20: Meet & Greet at Renaissance hosted by Randy Lee and Gabriel Romero

The Amapas Neighborhood Association is the official association of residents and business owners in the Colonia Amapas of Puerto Vallarta. A volunteer and not-for-profit association with about 350 members, the ANA was founded in 2002 to improve the quality of life in Amapas. We work to keep our neighborhood safe, beautiful, desirable and welcoming to tourists and residents from all countries and walks of life. We are also the official "Junta Vecinal" or neighborhood council for Amapas, the legal representative of the neighborhood to the city government. Learn more at