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Vallarta Medical Matters Conference Speakers - Part 1

February 5, 2019

HealthCare Resources and CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort are proud to welcome some distinguished medical practitioners as featured speakers at this year's PV Medical Matters Conference.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Meet physicians, ask questions, learn about local labs and diagnostic centers, hospitals – any and every thing to do with your health and well-being - during the 2019 Puerto Vallarta Medical Matters Conference at the Marriott CasaMagna Resort on February 11th from 9 am to 3 pm.

The day will feature a vast array of health care-related providers like international insurance representatives, local private hospitals, clinics, physicians, spas, diagnostic centers, labs – to name a few. In addition, a non-stop speakers program will feature local physicians covering a wide variety of general healthcare and specialty topics, including:

Dr. Carlos Garcia & Dr. Habid Becerra
For Men Only: Ballsheimers, When You Think Your Sex Life is Forgotten
Salon VI-VII at 9.15 am

Dr. Garcia is a Urologist/Urology surgeon who has worked in Puerto Vallarta since 2000. He did his residency in general urology in Juarez Hospital in Mexico City, studies endo-urology and reconstructive urology in Monterrey, as well as laproscopic and urologic surgery. He was the first Mexican Urologist trained in the United States and Canada in the usage of "HIFU Sonablate 500 System (in 2004). He has travelled to various areas throughout the world, training other urologists on various procedures including Turkey, Poland, Chile, Israel. In 2017, Dr. Garcia opened Urovallarta, a state of the art urological procedure center here in Puerto Vallarta. He loves to sail in his spare time and as well, is an avid photographer. Anyone that knows Dr. Carlos Garcia knows he is hysterically funny and loves a good joke!

Dr. Becerra is a Urologist/Urology surgeon. He was born in Morelia, Mexico. He attended school at the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo. General surgery was completed at Hospital Regional VGF in Guadalajara and then a urology specialty at the same hospital. He did his training for percutaneous renal surgery in Durango and then on to study urodynamics and pelvic floor medicine in Guadalajara, where he obtained the third highest score nation-wide as chief resident! Dr. Habid likes to read, cook and do mixed martial arts. He says his favorite part of the job is learning new stuff!

As urologists, both doctors specialize in sexual dysfunction and aging, worries and concerns, making this an excellent topic for men of all ages!

Dr. Jonathan Robles & Dra. Pamela Cerdio
For Women Only: Pelvic Floor Disorders. There IS a Treatment!
Salon I-III at 9:15 am

Many women suffer from 'leaking' of pee, from minor, to having-to-wear-a-diaper, amounts. There is treatment for this extremely common problem and one does not have to live with this continuously.

Dr. Jonathan Robles, Gyneurologist: Jonathan Alonso Rodriguez Robles studied medicine at the University of Guadalajara, Campus Ciudad Guzmán. He attended his internship at the 46th clinic of the IMSS in Guadalajara and his first year of specialization as a general surgeon in Puebla, after which he finished specializing as a urological surgeon at the renowned General Hospital of Mexico. At the General Hospital of Mexico he had contact with a great variety of diseases and patients, so he recognizes that there are still many areas of urology that need to be investigated, and therefore he likes to participate in research projects constantly. He has contact with the urological sub-specialties such as endourology, pediatric urology, urooncology and also reconstructive surgery for women and men, an area for which he feels a great affinity.

Dra. Pamela Cerdio, Proctologist: Dra. Pamela is as well, a general surgeon and trained in colon, rectum and anal disease. She studied medicine at the University of Autonoma de Guadalajara. She did her specialty in general surgery from UNAM-ISSTE in Mexico City. Sub-specialty in Colo-Proctology from UNAH ISSTE in Mexico City. Dra. Cerdio moved here recently with her husband (who is a radiologist) and they have started a family here with an adorable baby boy! There is nothing very glamorous about this specialty for sure, but she most definitely is an expert in her field! This is a 'male dominated' specialty, so an extra BRAVO! to Dra. Pamela.

Dr. Antonio Matilla
Social Media and Medicine
Salon Mexico/Cozumel at 10:15 am

Dr. Antonio Matilla was born in Barcelona, Spain. He moved with his family to Mexico City when he was 10 years old. He studied medicine at the Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City and did his residency in Internal Medicine at Centro Medico Nacional Siglo XXI and the IMSS in Mexico City. He just completed a residency fellowship in Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, Spain in autoimmune disease. He says he loves internal medicine because "you can incorporate all of the medical knowledge into one specialty and that is what makes you a more complete and versatile physician." He is happily married (to Dra. Leslie Swindle - cardiologist) and has two sons who attend university. He is an avid triathlon participant and we always cheer him on! His topic is spot-on as everyone in the medical field deals with patients using "Dr. Google" and other forms of social media. Excellent topic!

Dr. Hector Escoto
Cellulitis: From a Simple Cut to a Dangerous Infection! Causes and Treatments.
Salon I-III at 10:15 am

Born in San Juan de Lagos, a small town near Guadalajara, Dr. Hector Escoto attended school at the University of Guadalajara and performed his specialty in Cardithoracic and Vascular surgery at Hospital Civil in Guadalajara. He says that he choose Cardithoracic surgery because he always found the vascular and chest the most interesting. He moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2005. His main focus is to always make sure that he provides the very best medical attention to his patients and keeping updated in the newest medical treatments and surgical procedures. He says "There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy face on a patient when they have recovered their health." Super topic as cellulitis can start out from a very innocuous cut!

Dr. Alberto Marron
Painful Shoulder: Causes and Treatments of Shoulder Pain
Salon VI-VIII at 11:15 am

Dr. Marron is an Orthopedic Surgeon who is originally from Guadalajara where he went to elementary and high school and continued there through the University of Guadalajara for his medical degree. He did his specialty training in Mexico City and in Puebla. He participates in a wide variety of continuing education classes where he hones is skills as an orthopedic surgeon and performs hundreds of orthopedic surgeries of all kinds. Dr. Marron is the leader in the area performing stem cell treatments in orthopedic patients and as well, he uses the patient's own stem cells rather than harvesting elsewhere. Dr. Marron is ALWAYS one of our most popular Medical Matters speakers!

Dr. Armando Joya
Pushing Through! Hernias! Everything You Need to Know!
Salon I-III at 11:15 am

Dr. Armando Joya was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco but grew up in the Puerto Vallarta area with a large family. He attended medical school at the University of Guadalajara. He did his social service in Las Palmas, Jalisco and then he did his specialty in General Surgery at Centro Medico Nacional in Torreon, Coahuila. He chose this specialty because he was always attracted to surgical procedures. He received further specialty training in laparoscopic surgery at Baptist Hospital Surgery Center in Miami, Florida. Dr. Joya has a multi-specialty practice as a gastroenterologist/gastric surgeon, having performed thousands of gastric surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries, endoscopies and colonoscopies. Dr. Joya enjoys his job because "He helps his patients to recover a healthy life." Dr. Joya has changed the lives of literally thousands of people. People call him 'the master of laparoscopy' which is the very best way to handle hernias, which are so very common, all kinds, in both men and women.

Note: We suggest that you visit each speaker at their exhibit to ask questions and obtain further information, not at the talk. This is so we can continue to run on time.

No pre-registration or reservations are required for the talks, just look for the Medical Matters Volunteers, who will direct you to the various salons.

BN Editor's Note: In the coming days, we'll be publishing information on additional speakers and the topics they will be covering at the 2019 Puerto Vallarta Medical Matters Conference, so keep checking THIS PAGE on for all of the latest news and updates.