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Patrón Launches 2019 Margarita of the Year Contest

February 28, 2019

The Margarita Amore, made by Cristian Bugiada in Rome, contains apple and chili pepper.

Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico - Raising a glass to cocktail creativity, Patrón Tequila has begun its search for 2019's 'Margarita of the Year.' The competition, featuring eight refreshingly unique twists on the iconic cocktail, gives members of the public the chance to vote on their favorite creation.

To create the Margaritas, Patrón recruited eight bartenders from around the world, including Jacyara de Oliveira in Chicago, Adrian Martinez in Guadalajara, Cristian Bugiada in Rome and Jay Khan in Hong Kong. Each contender entered their most unique and creative interpretations of the classic Tequila-based cocktail, drawing inspiration from their local regions to craft fresh flavor combinations.

This year, consumers will be able to choose from the Paseo Margarita, made with coconut and basil; the Pasifika Margarita, which contains pineapple and coconut; the Golden Hour Margarita, containing turmeric and pineapple; and the Flamingo Park Margarita, which contains grapefruit.

2019's selection of Margaritas also includes the Margarita Caliente, with passion fruit and chipotle; the Margarita Amore, which contains apple and chili pepper; Dynasty Margarita, made with lychee and ginger; and the Wild Rose Margarita, which includes juniper and rose.

The recipes for the eight styles of margaritas can be found at, where people can log in and cast a vote (once daily, through April 24) for their favorite.

The margarita with the most votes will be crowned on April 25, 2019, in a global finale at Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco, Mexico. The bartender who creates the winning recipe will be handed the coveted "Margarita of the Year" trophy to proudly exhibit in his or her bar.

Lee Applbaum, global chief marketing officer at Patrón Tequila, said: "There's tremendous merit in a bartender who can craft a simple, classic Margarita with the finest quality and freshest ingredients, but these eight bartenders have truly transformed them into masterpieces. Using inspiration from local ingredients, stunning garnishes and, of course, the perfect Tequila – Patrón – these globally inspired drinks are elevated into true works of art."

"What bartenders around the world are doing to elevate the beloved margarita is nothing short of awe-inspiring," said José Luis León of Mexico City, whose Verde Margarita was crowned as 2018's Margarita of the Year. "I've witnessed first-hand the unbelievable riffs these Margarita masters can come up with, and I'm excited to see what's in store for this year's search."

"With Patrón Tequila as the base, it's easy to create a margarita that's a cut above," remarked David Alan, Director of Trade Education & Mixology at Patrón Spirits. "It's exciting to see our cocktail-crafting contenders take the margarita to the next level, spotlighting this storied drink and furthering its position as one of the world's most beloved cocktails."

Click HERE to learn about the creators of the eight masterful margaritas you'll be tasting and voting on during Patrón's search for 2019's Margarita of the Year.

About Patrón Tequila
From hand-harvesting the highest-quality 100 percent Weber Blue Agave, to the traditional, time-honored distillation process and individual labeling, numbering, and inspection of each bottle, Patrón tequila is crafted with meticulous precision and care. Though Patrón has grown to become one of the most-recognized and respected luxury spirits brands in the world, it is still exclusively produced in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, in the same small batches and with the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship. For more information about Patrón tequilas and liqueurs, please visit

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