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'Proof of Heaven' Clarifies Why PV was Saved from Willa

October 30, 2018

Thankful for being spared from the wrath of Hurricane Willa, former Olympic skier and Puerto Vallarta resident, Suzy Chaffee, reflects on the spiritual phenomena she believes kept our city safe from harm.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Thank Heaven, Puerto Vallarta was protected from Hurricane Willa, after also magically surviving Patricia! A Harvard brain surgeon, featured in a Newsweek cover story, finally helps us scientifically understand why we were so blessed.

In July, I was walking by PV's Page in the Sun Cafe, next to Lazaro Cardenas Park (the site of the Olas Altas Farmer's Market), and felt compelled to look for a book that would answer what most humans in history and I have always wanted to know for sure. To my shock and awe I found the ultimate scientific "Proof of Heaven," plus the spirit world that magnanimously helps us.

The hero of this historic landmark and NY Times Bestseller is Dr Eben Alexander, a top Harvard Neurosurgeon. This is EPIC since the leaders of medicine and science said that "the brain, not the heart, determines if someone is dead," so a brain surgeon going to heaven and coming back was the ultimate test and proof. You'll also see why his conclusion, backed by a 4 Year International study, reunites science and spirituality that can reduce religious wars and climate change.


I am sharing this to also honor the Mexican people for being ahead of world scientists in knowing heaven exists, or they wouldn't so joyously celebrate loved ones on Día de Los Muertos ("Day of the Dead") every year on November 1 and 2.

The medical/science world, like Dr. Alexander, had thought that the glimpses of Heaven reported by thousands of those who died and came back, were "lovely." He admitted, like other doctors, to also pretend to believe in heaven to comfort patients, yet never bothered reading any books. Eben's Near Death Experience (NDE), in a coma for 7 days, changed all that.

Thanks to CPR and shock paddle breakthroughs in the 1960s, millions have died and come back. About half of them reported some similar out-of-body and tunnel experiences, including an amazing woman MD featured on CNN. But Dr. Alexander's documented science and mind-blowing details of heaven and the Spirit world puts to rest any doubt, and brought so many of us RELIEF and a "Hallelujah" to the genius of our Creator!

Since wars are a main cause of global warming, and this proof could reduce today's Muslim-Christian conflicts to create more peace, love and heaven on earth, I condensed Dr Alexander's words for you.


Like other NDE's, Dr Alexander's life was forever transformed at 4:30 am, November 10, 2008, when he felt a sharp pain while sleeping next to his wife Holley in Lynchburg, Virginia. "He mysteriously got a rare incurable bacterial brain meningitis, which science said destroyed the frontal cerebral cortex related to all the senses so he could not have experienced anything while he was in a coma for those seven days."

Scientists also said "if Dr Alexander survived this disease, he'd be brain dead or severely brain-challenged or for life." (It's like clearing the motherboard of a computer.) That is why one of the neurosurgeons asked Eben when he came out of a coma, "Is that you?" Eben replied, "Yes." He further shocked them when, after a short rehab period, his brain came back like new as he was vividly describing and documenting his "impossible to fully articulate" heavenly experiences.


Dr. Alexander said his first memory of heaven was of "Exquisite music that led to flying over the strangest most beautiful world of vividly colored waterfalls, blossoming flowers and trees. Then he saw children laughing, people singing and dancing in a circle, dogs running and jumping for joy too. It was earth - but it wasn't." (Others spoke of horses with long silver manes and stunning temples of wisdom where they would go to learn more about karma and universal law.)

"Then I was flying through puffy pink and white clouds next to thousands of colorful butterflies. I was joined by a radiant beautiful girl who conveyed without words that 'We're showing you many things here, but eventually you'll go back... But know that you are unconditionally loved and are cherished dearly forever.'

I thought, what a wild and vast relief since I then remembered my first experience on the other side: I was submerged in darkness in a claustrophobic primordial mud that I was part of, with intense rhythmic pounding like metal on metal. It didn't seem that bad at first. But after I didn't know how long, I noticed grotesque animals and faces bubbling out of the muck and screeching. Wormlike creatures and roots rubbed against me. It smelled a little like feces, blood, vomit and biological death.

Close to panic, I realized I didn't belong there. And as I also thought, 'where would I go,' filaments of white gold light appeared. Slowly they spun to that richest, most complex beautiful music, and then whoosh, I spun through a wormhole-like tunnel into the light. And suddenly I was happily flying over that magnificent earth-like world. I then continued to fly with that beautiful girl, whom I later learned was a relative since I was adopted. We were then joined by many shimmering orbs. They're advanced beings of light with a sense of humor, who answered questions without words, including my purpose here.

With my neocortex out of the picture, I encountered a 'real' world of consciousness completely free of my limitations of the physical brain so I instantly effortlessly understood concepts that would have taken me years to understand in my earthly life. Some I was told I wouldn't be allowed to remember when I returned."


"A luminescent orb then showed me how God/Creator/Allah is like a giant cosmic womb with countless universes, including some whose intelligences are advanced far beyond humanity's. There are also countless higher dimensions, and like an exquisite Persian rug we are all intricately woven together. And the sound for Creator/Creatress was 'OM.'

The orb showed me how immense nurturing love lies in the center of all of the universes. Evil is present in all the others, but only in tiniest trace amounts. Evil was necessary because without it there can be no free will or growth-no forward movement, no chance for us to become what God longed for us to be. Horrible as evil sometimes seems in a world like ours, in the larger picture love is overwhelmingly dominant, and it would ultimately triumph." Hallelujah!


The doctor concluded that, "It was like being handed the rules to a game I'd been playing all my life without fully understanding it. (Taking it on faith as we say.) It didn't matter your religion or if you were an atheist, it was how you lived your life. What matters was if you were a good person who served others and fulfilled your higher purpose for reincarnating here. An extraordinary being of light assisted me in my life review. It was basically how much love and joy you brought to others that counted, not material worth."

Therefore, Dr Alexander said, "It was clear that our lives are not meaningless, and telling this story would be the hands-down the most important story I'll ever tell."

After Life by Carol Neiman and Emily Goldman, includes helpful cultural insights and ways to make the most ideal transition. A NDE said in his 'life review' that "Even though it may be painful seeing many ways we betrayed our own hearts, or wounded the hearts of others, we are invited to forgive ourselves and learn from mistakes. Though looking at how much love you didn't spread to others, can be devastating for years."

Karma is like a bank account. That's why leaders may feel either phenomenal sadness and pain, or joy and love for a long time on the other side given the hearts they affected. Some say eons.

NDEs say that here at Earth School we can quickly transform our karma, a bank account of our good and bad deeds. On the other side, we can improve karma by continuing to serve others and make amends mainly by whispering in the ears of those we've wronged or help humanity. So listen!

That is why many NDEs are sent back, despite wanting to stay in the blissfully and unconditionally loving place called "heaven." Our guides want us to complete the missions we chose before birth, for which we picked our parents.

Billionaires who had everything but good karma, possibly after seeing Dr Alexander's proof, are using their genius to heal Earth. Some THRIVE Movement ones are helping our University of Guadalajara team clear Jalisco's eco-system. Their technological breakthroughs make us a world sustainable model for cooling our ocean and regrowing coral the fastest.

Creator likely chose Eben to prove Heaven because he is an ethical, honest skeptic though church-goer, who loves serving and healing others. His loving family was key for this miracle: holding his hand around the clock, making him promises, and praying, especially in a circle around him, and by a gifted church member who sparked his coming out of a coma. His team of neurosurgeon friends trying to save him and documenting everything was critical to providing this highest standard of a scientific evidence.

You may need to help update scientists, religious leaders, press, social media friends, who also didn't see this proof, about dying, a coma, and heaven. Most will appreciate it.

On learning my neighbor's grandma was in a coma for two months, I excitedly shared Eben's story with her family. It remarkably lifted their spirits and she came out of a coma that week!

My family had been sad for years after the death of my baby sister Deborah. A friend helped me contact her and I was able to tell them that, "I am fine and they need to stop mourning me as it is interfering with my reincarnating." She opened the spirit world to me. A Catholic nun who is now a medium, told me after the death of my dad Keen, who built the nose cone of America's first two stage missile for Von Braun, that "he's happily surfing around the planets."

Dr. Alexander still practices medicine, but his priority is raising consciousness about heaven through lectures and other books, including A Map of Heaven. "It explores humankind's spiritual history and the birth of modern science in the 17th century, showing how we forgot. Now we are at last remembering who we really are and what our true purpose/destiny really is."


NDEs Absolutely, Positively NOT Caused By Malfunctioning shows video of NDE leaders and Eben's 2012 Newsweek cover story. Plus a four-year international study of 2,060 cardiac arrest cases across 15 hospitals around the world proved that "Survival of consciousness after brain shutdown has now been proven." Read the scholarly peer-reviewed paper published in The Resuscitation Journal. That's an "AMEN!"

Native Elders and our star helpers similarly say a main purpose for our reincarnating here now is to assist in restoring our long-suffering Earth Mother and us all, since we are all cells in Her body.

What a blessing that I walked into A Page in the Sun, given the UN's IPCC Report by the world's greatest scientists, came out this October. It didn't mince words that we need to mobilize comparable to WWII, to shift to renewables and reduce carbon to avoid a catastrophic future.

There's one key take away from last week's IPCC report. Scientists say (religious) Wars are a main cause of Carbon, so updating spiritual leaders, scientists, and everyone can greatly help restore ALL of Mother Earth's children. Thank you Team Alexander!


Fortunately, Dr Alexander's Proof of Heaven also scientifically proves the existence of the spirit world that Vallarta's Azteca and Huichol shamen, church-goers through Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe, and other Earth healers work with. Together we helped calm Hurricane Willa's winds to a category 3 and blew it away from Puerto Vallarta.

How? Many of us thanked Creator, Mother Earth, Her Nature spirits and our star helpers in advance for protecting us, and now after they magically did it! That's the way the Essenes like Jesus also prayed, according to the universal law of manifestation. (in the "Secret" Tapes). I love doing gratitude prayers under a cathedral-like glade of ancient trees.

Skiers found that when we thank Mother Earth for the snow, that like most women, She is even more generous. Same for hurricane protection.

Fortunately, in 2015, many of us gave Mother Earth abundant gratitude for helping turn Patricia, the fiercest hurricane in history - 250 mph, from leveling Vallarta. By also thanking Her Nature spirits that direct the winds and rain clouds, they instead helped end droughts from Mexico up to Arizona.

Native American and Canada's First Nations Elders have similarly been leading ski communities in giving love and appreciation to Mother Earth during snow and rain dances. This brilliant teamwork has helped end droughts in North America and Europe for 57 years. These cross-cultural Snowdances were pioneered in 1960 by Walt Disney with Lake Tahoe's Washoe Tribe, which saved the Squaw Valley Olympics from a "catastrophic drought." (Powder Magazine).


Eddy Box Family's S. Ute Snowdance saving Vail's 2012 Western drought (Wall Street Journal), after saving their opening in 1963 (CBS)
Our press documentation (available) of these weather miracles proves the tribes are doing the most to address the IPCC Solution of reducing CARBON. By helping end droughts, they prevent forest fires that produce massive CO2/Carbon, which Harvard warns is heating our planet. Plus saving trees that convert massive Carbon to Oxygen. Stanford's renowned Climatologist, Dr Noah Diffenbaugh, told TED's Snow conference at Squaw that "10 million California trees burned in 2017." So the tribes are critical for bringing down the temperature while shifting to enough renewables.

Dr. Alexander's also proved why, 10 years ago, Stanford's 2007 IPCC Nobel prize winner, Dr. Stephen Schneider, thanks to snowdance press coverage and intuition, urged all the ski areas and our foundation to spread Native ski programs and snowdances. He said "it would be foolish to ignore this solution that works and costs almost nothing." (Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Stephen Schneider Hails Tribal Snow - California Newswire.)

The UN's Sustainability Officer, Marie Mercedes Sanchez, then urged us to spread them worldwide. And in 2012, the UN recognized on their 3rd International Mother Earth Day, that this ancient tribal wisdom combined with green technology are key to restoring Mother Earth, so a major Climate solution. Yet few took it seriously, not hearing about Dr. Alexander's proof.

Sanchez also urged our foundation to organize ocean dances starting in Puerto Vallarta. Japan's late Dr. Masuro Emoto demonstrated that giving love and appreciation to water creates beautiful snowflakes and has cleared contaminated waterways worldwide. (Read PV's Miracle stories on


Sparked by Prophetic words by a Taos Pueblo skier, the tribes and ski areas are now coming together to offer grants for Native ski programs this winter. Through thousands of tribal youth returning to America's mountain chains to give love and appreciation to Mother Earth every day, instead of just on Earth Day, it would be comparable to ski areas hosting snowdances everyday. Together we could significantly restore our snow, cool our oceans, and preserve our shorelines.

Hail to Vail Resorts' CEO Rob Katz for giving "Epic Promise Grants to Be Zero Carbon to stay in the snow business." Whistler Mt is now 100% Renewable. Their Sustainability committee is urging their 13 resorts to reach out to their tribes to ski since by reducing carbon the most, their ski areas like Heavenly, stay open the longest. VR and others have lists of ways to personally lower our carbon footprint, which can greatly improve karma.

Hail to the Shakopee Dakota Tribe of the holy man Chief Sitting Bull, for wisely offering grants for ski programs that spread their ancient wisdom. Then coastal tribes won't need to move inland, saving them countless unnecessary pain and billions of dollars.

That is all why Pope Francis followed in the moccasins of the skiing Saint Pope John Paul II, who hosted PV's Azteca dancers at the Vatican in the 90s. During Pope Francis' 2nd "Apology tour in the Americas," he urged everyone to also "Say Sorry" to the Indigenous, make amends, and listen to their ancient Earth wisdom.

So we thank everyone for spreading the word. We also deeply appreciate those who can give our cross-cultural multi-faith teams of gifted Earth healers, Elders and their youth, a hand through our Native American Olympic Team Foundation. We have a 501(c)3 tax exempt EIN: 84-150-7336 in the United States and Mexico through Vallarta Saludable, on, or via PayPal to suzynativevoices(at) Contact me for more info.

Suzy Chaffee, a former Olympic skier who helped invent dancing down mountains, has turned activist, journalist, filmmaker, and has worked with seven U.S. Presidents. She is now co-chairman of a non-profit partnership of the Elders of the Americas and Olympians, called the Native American Olympic Team Foundation, which aims to heal Mother Earth for all our children through joyful sports and education. For more information, contact Suzy at suzynativevoices(at), or visit or

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