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Massive Human Rights Abuses in the Name of Stopping Abuse
Carey Roberts

Domestic violence is defined so broadly these days that just raising your voice is now considered grounds for state invention. The mere allegation of abuse invites a draconian response, requiring the man to vacate his home and avoid any contact with the woman or even his own children.

Prostates and Prejudices
Paul Krugman

"My chance of surviving prostate cancer in the United States? Eighty-two percent," says Rudy Giuliani in a new radio ad attacking Democratic plans for universal health care. "My chances of surviving prostate cancer in England? Only 44 percent, under socialized medicine."

Of Mice and Men: New Male Contraceptives Successful in Rodents and Humans
Male Contraception Information Project

Pills, sponges, IUDs, diaphragms - women have many options for planning their fertility, none of them quite perfect. But what if men want to help out?

Venezuela: Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign Targets Men
Humberto Márquez

If the coffee is cold, he goes ballistic, smashes the cup on the floor and lashes out at his partner. If she doesn’t come running when he calls, or their daughter cries, he shouts impatiently and hits her. These are some of the scenes in unprecedented TV spots now appearing in Venezuela.

Fake World of the Viagra Plotters
Robin Pagnamenta

For tens of thousands of men the medicines offered by Ashish Halai and his gang appeared to be the answer to two of their most worrying and embarrassing health concerns: impotence and baldness.

Surgically Altered Thumbs to Better Use iPhone
James Benfly

Thomas Martel, 28, of Bonnie Brae is a big guy. So he has a hard time using the features on ever-shrinking user interfaces on devices like his new iPhone. At least, he did, until he had his thumbs surgically altered in a revolutionary new surgical technique known as "whittling."

Women Must Have Chocolate, Men Need Sex

Canadian women say there are some days they cannot survive without chocolate, while men say the same thing about sex, a survey found.

Governor Emilio González Opposes Condoms
Juan Carlos García

The Governor of Jalisco, Emilio González Márquez (PAN), recently made some incredibly uninformed statements about condom use, HIV, young people, and gay men. Perhaps he intended his comments to be funny, but the result was insulting.

China Seizes 18,000 Fake Viagra Pills in Raids

Chinese police have seized more than a ton of fake drugs for impotence, bird flu and malaria, including at least 18,000 fake Viagra tablets, state media reported on Wednesday.

Latino Men Don't Have Work-Family Conflict

Male Latino immigrants working in low-wage, non-professional jobs report infrequent work-family conflict, found a U.S. study.

Circumcision May Not Impact Sexual Sensation
Blackwell Publishing

According to a new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, sexual sensation in circumcised and uncircumcised men may not be so different after all.

Prevent Smoking to Reduce Risk of Erectile Dysfunction
Arthur Nead

Men who smoke cigarettes run an increased risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction, and the more cigarettes smoked, the greater the risk, according to a study by Tulane University researchers published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

The End of Barroom Brawls: Study Shows Alcohol Can Reduce Aggression

The link between alcohol and aggression is well known. What’s not so clear is just why drunks get belligerent. What is it about the brain-on-alcohol that makes fighting seem like a good idea? And do all intoxicated people get more aggressive? Or does it depend on the circumstances?

Mexican Man Weighs Into Records

A Mexican tipping the scales at 560 kilograms (1,234 pounds) will be listed as the world's fattest man by the Guinness Book of Records, while a loss of 200 kilos (440 pounds) may make him the man who lost the most weight.

Gay Syphilis Scourge Skyrockets
Patrick Range McDonald

On June 29, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that neurosyphilis — a serious and rare form of syphilis, which can lead to blindness and stroke — had been found in HIV-positive gay and bisexual men in Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago and New York.

In Federal Survey on Sex, Men Report More Partners
David Crary

It's a question that often prompts a boastful answer or a bashful one: How many sex partners have you had? Now the US federal government says it has authoritative statistics, documenting that men are far more likely to play the field than women.

Get Your Love Life Under Control

Gain the confidence to approach women, flirt, test for interest, and close the deal at "Mexico Madness: Dating Essentials for Men." Scheduled to take place in Puerto Vallarta May 25th-27th this workshop teaches men of all ages "How to Get The Girl."

Pfizer Sued Over Viagra Ads
AIDS Healthcare Foundation

The lawsuit echoes the concerns of many health authorities who have been alarmed at the increasingly widespread recreational use of erectile dysfunctional drugs like Viagra, particularly in the gay community.

More Young People Using Condoms, Surveys Show
Megan Rauscher

Two UK surveys, 10 years apart, indicate that there's been a substantial increase in the rate of condom use, particularly among young people. However, condom use is inconsistent among people who report high rates of new sexual partners.

Keep Up to Speed with Practical Gadgets
Roy M. Wallack

To improve your running, you don't necessarily have to work harder — just more efficiently. These innovative products can help you do just that, getting you up to speed with better form, more thorough muscle preparation and recovery, even easier refueling.

Are We Metrosexual Yet?

What may be the most natural cologne in the world was recently discovered in a Mexican forest. The ingredients? Monkey spit and chewed up leaves.

99.5 Percent Like a Neanderthal

Scientists are tantalizingly close to learning just what genetic changes distinguish modern humans from Neanderthals, who went extinct some 30,000 years ago.

Circumcision May Reduce STD Risk

Circumcised males are less likely than their uncircumcised peers to acquire a sexually transmitted infection, the findings of a 25-year study suggest.

A Drug to Help Premature Ejaculation?
Laura Owings

Premature ejaculation is believed to be the most common male sexual dysfunction, affecting about 20 percent of young and middle-aged men. A new study published in the British medical journal the Lancet shows the drug dapoxetine may offer promise as a treatment for this debilitating condition.more »»»

Mexican-Americans at Higher Risk for Second Stroke

Mexican-Americans who've suffered a stroke are 57 percent more likely than non-Hispanic whites to suffer a second stroke, researchers report. The finding adds to the results of a 1998 study that found that Puerto-Rican American stroke patients face three times the risk of a second stroke as white stroke patients do.more »»»

Viet Nam Vets High Risks for Parkinson's
David Lord

A study by Harvard scientists finds that people who reported being exposed to pesticides before 1982 had a 70% higher incidence of Parkinson's disease developing 10 to 20 years later than those who weren't exposed.more »»»

Over-the-Counter Erectile Drugs Come With Health Risks
Andrea Carter

Dr. Andrew Kramer recently looked over the medical history of one of his patients who had been in the emergency department complaining of chest pains. Kramer was surprised by what he read: The patient had been taking three to four dietary supplements for erectile dysfunction - every day.more »»»

Hey Rush, Viagra is nothing to be ashamed of
Joy Victory

As a man in his late 50s with off-and-on weight problems, right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh is in the perfect demographic for Viagra, the drug that treats "erectile dysfunction," or impotence, the less politically correct name for the inability to get an erection.more »»»

Energy Beers Boost Brewing Industry
Sheila Marikar

For centuries, cracking open a cold one has been the cue to kick back and relax. Now brewers hope Americans will take to a cold beer designed to rev up rather than slow down. Energy beer, a fusion of traditional ale and caffeine, is the latest craze to hit the beer industry.more »»»

HIV-Positive Group May Hold the Key to Defeating AIDS
James Ricci

In the argot of AIDS research, Matt Traywick is an "elite controller." Elites are extremely rare, accounting for an estimated one-third of 1% of known HIV-positive people and numbering perhaps 2,000.more »»»

Sexual Orientation of Men Determined Before Birth

Past research by Dr. Anthony F. Bogaert of Brock University in St. Catherines, Ontario and colleagues has shown that the more older brothers a man has, the more likely he is to be gay.more »»»

Viagra and the Mountains
John Mckenzie - ABC News

As the commercials continually remind us: Viagra is all about performance. Now it turns out, that's not just referring to in the bedroom. Researchers say the drug, approved for erectile dysfunction, could eventually help some athletes train at high altitudes and soldiers fight in the mountains of Afghanistan.more »»»

A Daily Pill to Combat Impotence?
Alex Berenson

Icos Corporation, which together with Eli Lilly markets Cialis, the No. 2 impotence drug, says it plans later this year to ask the FDA for approval of a once-daily version of the medicine.more »»»

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