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Gay A.A. Meetings in Puerto Vallarta

The Gay recovery community recently announced that the weekly Puerto Vallarta Open Gay AA Meetings have moved to the new S.E.T.A.C. (GBLT Community Center) at Constitution #427 in the Zona Romantica. The meeting schedules will remain the same: Sunday and Wednesday at 11 am.

Why Mexican Crystal Meth is America's Problem
Ioan Grillo

U.S. police have known for several years that the cartels were gaining strength in the meth trade, taking over a business that used to be run by American biker gangs that cooked up crystal in buckets and bath tubs.

The US Drug War's Wrong Focus
Robert Weiner & Zoe Pagonis

Why is the Obama administration proposing to spend an even higher percentage of its anti-drug resources on law enforcement than the administration of George W. Bush?

Government and Society Must Act Together in Fight against Addictions: President Calderón
Presidencia de la República

President Felipe Calderón urged Mexicans and the authorities at all levels of government to be united in the fight against one of the contemporary challenges of mankind: addictions.

Alcohol Abuse By US GIs Soars Since 2003
Gregg Zoroya

The rate of Army soldiers enrolled in treatment programs for alcohol dependency or abuse has nearly doubled since 2003 — a sign of the growing stress of repeated deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Army statistics and interviews.

Addicts Latest Victims of Drug War
William Booth & Travis Fox

When you visit the drug rehab centers in Ciudad Juarez, what you notice are the arms. The addicts have arms that are purple with scars. The new guys have arms still raw from the needles. The counselors, former addicts themselves, have scars that are fading away, faint but still there.

US Drug Czar Calls for End to "War on Drugs"
Andy Sullivan

The Obama administration's top drug cop plans to spend more money on treating addiction and scale down the "war on drugs" rhetoric as part of an overhaul of U.S. counternarcotics strategy.

Moms, Have You Done Drugs? Tell Your Kids

Moms who have used drugs may be doing their teens a favour by admitting to it, University of Alberta research shows.

Daily Alcohol Intake Can Lead to Binge Drinking
Sylvain-Jacques Desjardins

Sipping wine, beer or spirits three to four times per week increases the risk of binge drinking, particularly among young men, according to a new study published in the journal Addiction.

Evidence Supports Use of Web- and Computer-Based Programs to Help Adults Quit Smoking
Seung-Kwon Myung

Available evidence supports the use of online or other computer-based smoking cessation programs for helping adults quit smoking, according to a meta-analysis of previously published studies appearing in the May 25 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.

U.S. Senate Approves Drug Czar
Matthew Daly

The U.S. Senate on Thursday approved the nomination of Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske as the nation's drug czar, signaling a change in U.S. drug policy.

Fairness in Drug Sentencing
New York Times

The US Congress’s decision to mandate longer prison terms for people arrested with crack cocaine than those caught with the powdered form of the drug was both irrational and discriminatory.

Treating Addiction by Eliminating Drug-Associated Memories

Addicts, even those who have been abstinent for long periods of time, are often still vulnerable to their own memories of prior drug use.

Heroin: Cheaper than a 6-Pack
CNN News

CNN blames Mexico for cheap heroin.

Gay A.A. Meetings in Puerto Vallarta

The Gay recovery community would like to announce that a new Open Gay Meeting has been started as of April 1st. These meetings, held every Wednesday morning at 11:00 am at Club Mañana, are open to everyone in the GBLT community.

Rehab Centers See Bankers Driven to Drink
Claudia Parsons

Experts say more and more people in finance are seeking treatment for addiction as the global economic crisis sinks its teeth into a high-stakes industry where confidence is the name of the game and nobody wants to admit to a weakness.

New US Drug Czar Praised by Reform Groups
Marina Litvinsky & Ali Gharib

U.S. President Barack Obama’s pick for his new drug czar signals a radical shift from the policies of his predecessor, George W. Bush, by focusing on treatment for drug offenders rather than jail time.

New Location for Vallarta 12 Step Groups
Angela Corelis

The local Alano Club recently released new locations, schedules and contact information for Banderas Bay area Self-Help 12 Step Groups: AA, ALANON, NA, CODA, OA and NIC.ANON.

On the Synthetic Drugs Trail

UNODC has just launched an innovative online report highlighting developments in the global synthetic drugs scene. The Global SMART Update Volume 1 compiles snapshots of drug seizures, laboratories uncovered, usage and new trafficking trends.

Afghanistan Still World's Opium Capital
Haider Rizvi

Despite the heavy military presence of the United States and other Western powers, Afghanistan remains the world's largest illicit producer of opium, according to a new study released by experts who monitor the worldwide trade in narcotics on behalf of the United Nations.

Obama's Surge and the Afghan Heroin Trade
UPI Asia

As America surges in Afghanistan, it has created its own stirring in the heroin trade, which has come back to life after NATO forces took over the country from the Taliban.

Time to Rethink Expensive, Futile War on Drugs
The StarPhoenix

If President Barack Obama is to succeed in convincing allies to pony up for the war in Afghanistan, he must do better than to reinvent former president George Bush's ill-conceived "War on Terror." He will have to revisit America's much older and disastrous War on Drugs.

Detox the Mexican Way With Crussh Cactus Juice

Celebrated for its wealth of health-promoting benefits including cleansing the liver and colon; the cactus offers a great variety and high levels of antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C and Bs, as well as providing a rich source of fibre and hydration due to its high water levels.

Lost Souls of Afghanistan's Heroin Trade
The Real News Network

Guardian: a look at the rise in drug addiction in Kabul since the invasion of Afghanistan.

Drug War Doesn't Protect Children
Tony Newman

Drug war doesn't protect children The defenders of the failed war on drugs say that we can't discuss alternatives to prohibition because it would "send the wrong message to the kids."

US National Drug Threat Assessment 2009

The National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), a component of the Department of Justice and the nation's principal center for strategic drug intelligence, has released the National Drug Threat Assessment 2009, detailing drug trafficking and abuse trends within the United States.

Sobriety Under the Sun: Alcoholics Anonymous 7th Annual English Speaking Convention in Puerto Vallarta
Bob Cohen

The local English speaking Alcoholics Anonymous Serenity Group will be hosting their 7th annual "Sobriety Under the Sun" AA convention at the NH Krystal Resort on January 23-25, 2009.

Mexicans Catch Meth Habit in Shadow of Drug War
Mica Rosenberg

Drug violence, including decapitations and grenade attacks, has killed some 4,500 people in Mexico this year but thousands of others are falling victim to a quieter crisis: addiction to methamphetamine.

Effective Tobacco Control Policies in Nepal Shaping Up
Bobby Ramakant

Government delegation from Nepal is among those 160 countries' delegations currently meeting in Durban, South Africa, to negotiate guidelines for provisions of the global tobacco treaty (17-22 November 2008).

India Agrees that Tobacco Industry Puts “Pressure” to Relax Health Policies
Bobby Ramakant

The Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare revealed before the Central Information Commission that tobacco industry is putting “pressure” to relax the tobacco control policies.

Prescription Drugs Kill 300 Percent More Americans Than Illegal Drugs
David Gutierrez

A report by the Florida Medical Examiners Commission has concluded that prescription drugs have outstripped illegal drugs as a cause of death.

Pot Wins in a Landslide: A Thundering Rejection of America's Longest War
Rob Kampia

On Tuesday, largely under the radar of the pundits and political chattering classes, voters dealt what may be a fatal blow to America's longest-running and least-discussed war - the war on marijuana.

US Drug Czar Fails Spectacularly at Cutting Marijuana Consumption
Bruce Mirken

The White House drug czar's office, aka the Office of National Drug Control Policy, has been claiming loudly and frequently for several years now that its aggressive anti-marijuana campaign has been a rousing success. Uh, not quite.

Mexico Weighs a Change of Focus on Drugs
Oscar Avila

Mexico has absorbed shocking drug-related slayings in recent weeks, including a popular mayor gunned down and criminals throwing grenades into a packed Independence Day celebration. But the casualties also come in less visible forms, as Mexico copes with a surge in the number of citizens who consume drugs and become addicted.

New Info for Vallarta 12 Step Groups

The local Alano Club recently released new locations, schedules and contact information for Banderas Bay area Self-Help 12 Step Groups: AA, ALANON, NA, CODA, OA and NIC.ANON. Click HERE for more info.

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