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Brasil Steak House
210 Venustiano Carranza
South Side Puerto Vallarta
Tel: 222-2909
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Brasil Steak House
"So much meat...A vegetarian's nightmare!"

The only Brazilian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Brasil Steak House is a great place for meat-lovers with large appetites. Serving All-You-Can-Eat of twelve different kinds of meat cooked in the classic churrascaria style [barbecued on a grill,] and a variety of delicious side dishes - including vegetables, soup and salads - for one low price. At Brasil, the service is as excellent as the food.

The friendly, bilingual waiters have achieved a perfectly-timed service, using large, razor-sharp knives to slice fresh-grilled meats from a skewer right onto your plate. Serving top sirloin, turkey, BBQ ribs, filet, arrachera (marinated beef brisket,) pork loin, rib eye, New York steak, chicken, pork loin and Linguica (white sausage) to name a few, at Brasil, the expert waiters make sure that no one leaves hungry.

Open daily from 2 to 11 pm, the original Brasil Restaurant is located on the South Side of Puerto Vallarta, and they've recently opened Brasil II at Paradise Plaza shopping center in Nuevo Vallarta. Bring your appetite and your cash - they do not accept credit cards.

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Great Food Fun Experience! But to the Owner- Prefidio Ripped us off charged us 600 pesos and did not give us our 1000 pesos promissed to do the tour at La Quantrilla! Get rid of Profidio.
Rod and Cat
Have eaten at a number of different places and have frequented many different "Brazillian" style restaurants worldwide. By far the worst food and price. To pay 150 pesos for 6 different types of meat, 3 types of salads that were borderline decent, will never again visit this place or suggest it to the many people I meet around this beautiful part of the world. The service as well was slow and not up to par. Stay away if you can!!! (visited August/2010)
Brasil is a great eating experience!! We make a point of going there to eat whenever we are in PV. The food, service and atmosphere is always the best! I would recommend this place to anyone who loves beef. My wife has been looking for a recipe to duplicate the cucumber salad Brasil serves so if anyone out there know how to make it, let me know.
Jim Berg
Absolutely the best decision we made during our vacation in PV. A must if you're in the area! Great Food and Service.
John from IL
I love this place!
Matt Kelley
Fantastic meal, reasonably priced and best of all a fun experience!
If you visit PV you must go to Brasil for dinner. We go back every time we visit PV and love it. The food is fantastic, the service is great and the price is very reasonable. It is always a fun evening with great staff.
Went there last winter. It was the best experience and restaurant I've been to. AWESOME food and service and the atmosphere was just as good. We're going to Jamaica this winter and I need to know if there's a Brasil's there, cuz if there is, I'm definitely going. umharms(at)
I am a local guy and I love it. I am at Brasil at least once a week.
Leon Rosales
This is the most amazing restraunt I have ever been to. The food and service were phenominal! If I lived in PV, I'd be 20lbs heavier, becuase I'd eat there all the time. I only have one question. We were served a hot, alcoholic, after dinner drink that tasted like cinnamon hot chocolate. How can I get the recipe? I have tried to fogure it out, but with no success.
Marc marc52ray(at)
With gorgeous and sexy Jorge Aguilera in charge, you can't lose! He stole my heart in the '70's (at) Carlos O'Brien's and I've never been the same since! Congratulations!
Lisa Prochnow (who loves Jorge still)
We just returned from PV and loved lunch at Brasil (our entire tour bus did!). It was fun and delicious
Excellent food and service. Beautiful murals. Fun place.
This place is awesome! Can't wait to go back... definitely our favorite in PV... absolutely loved it! Is there any way of getting the recipe for that pink dessert they served us? Can't even tell you what it was, but it was delicious!
Good Place.
***** The Best Steak And More You Could Ever Have**** They are an Awesome Staff and You will wish you have a place like this at home, but You will see that No Place Like This at home.....YOU Must Go Here....
The food is awesome, and we have been there several times in the last few years. There is however now a major problem. We were there in December '06 and they now have a Myan Palace timeshare rep working at the front door. This timeshare rep even offered us $300 to go to a presentation and to pay for our dinner. He was working for the restaurant because he actually sat us down after we told him No over and over. He came to our table twice during our meal to harass us and even tried to "work us" as we were leaving. We complained to our waiter who said that his boss was just too tempted by the money from the time share rep. This is very, very sad. If you go and realize that the person seating you wants to tell you how to get a free meal, just leave.
So good you will think its ALBERTA BEEF. Excellent service and reasonable prices.
This was the best part of Puerto Vallarta! I ate here 3 times in one week (also gained 7 lbs). This place was full of wonderful surprises. Pricing was great as well. Great place to take a date, I was more than impressed with gentleman who took me there.
Katie Northeimer, Phila. PA
Just got back from PV. We ate at Brasil with 4 adults and 2 kids. The staff was great to our kids, let them try whatever they wanted with no charge. Plus it's air-conditioned - a lot of places in PV are not. Recommended!
Warren - Sacramento, CA
Great food, wonderful service, fun atmosphere. We would highly recommend it.
Fun atmosphere, great staff, and the food and drink was awesome. Not a pork fan, but it was great. The fillet and turkey wrapped in bacon were heavenly - I had to have seconds.
Steve - Modestso, CA
Brazil's is a great place for beef. They come around with different cuts of beef on skewers and you get to try all of them. It's an all you can eat place.
Kevin Trainer
I just got back from PV with my girlfriend two days ago. Our favorite restaurant was the Brasil Steak House.... Eat until you can't eat any more. This definitely is my favorite restaurant in Vallarta.
Sooo much meat...A vegetarian's nightmare!
Mike Rodriguez
I ate at the Brasil Steak house as promised - wow! We had lunch there - so much food for so little money! We started with chicken wings, then they brought out 4 different salads, and all different kinds of grilled steaks & pork (we stopped eating after six). Also had a giant margarita - they added about a third of a fifth of tequila right in front of me just to make sure it was strong enough. I would definitely recommend - and I will be back!
Dave Dawson
We just returned from Puerto Vallarta and from an experience at Brasil. We were there at a conference and got the recommendation to visit Brasil from the concierge at the hotel we were staying at. We were with a group of 13 people and the staff at Brasil was very accommodating and good-natured. The food was tremendous; everyone at the table had a different favorite.
Out of all the places that we ate the whole week we were there, this place BY FAR was the absolute best - not only in food but also for the service. To top it all off they are very reasonably priced. I hope you have as much fun there as we did!
Cari and Fernando, Regina SK

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