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President Expresses Condolences over Death of Journalist Fidel Samaniego
Suzanne Stephens Waller

The Presidency reports that President Felipe Calderón and his wife Margarita Zavala expressed their deepest condolences over the death of journalist Fidel Samaniego Reyes, distinguished contributor to El Universal Newspaper, which occurred today.

"Media Gives Obama Pass on Iraq"
The Real News Network

Gareth Porter: Most US media helps Obama back away from Iraq pledge.

Mexico Nabs 3 Suspects in Journalist Kidnappings
E. Eduardo Castillo

Three suspected drug-gang members who allegedly participated in the kidnapping of three television journalists last week were arrested in northern Mexico, federal police announced Thursday.

In Mexico's Nuevo Laredo, Drug Cartels Dictate Media Coverage
William Booth

Fearing for their lives and the safety of their families, journalists are adhering to a near-complete news blackout, under strict orders of drug smuggling organizations and their enforcers, who dictate - via daily telephone calls, e-mails and news releases - what can and cannot be printed or aired.

Mexican Police Free Reporters Nabbed by Drug Gang
Olga R. Rodriguez

Federal police rescued two kidnapped news cameramen in northern Mexico on Saturday, five days after they were seized by drug traffickers in a bid to get their employers to broadcast cartel messages.

Mexico's TV Channel Cancels Show After Kidnappings
Olga R. Rodriguez

Mexico's biggest television network canceled a popular news show to protest the kidnapping of four reporters, abductions that media advocates called an escalation of a campaign by drug gangs to control information.

4 Journalists Reported Missing in Northern Mexico
Associated Press

Mexico's National Human Rights Commission called on the government this week to find four Mexican journalists reported missing in or near the violence-wracked northern state of Durango.

WikiLeaks: Time to Celebrate, Time to Mourn
Jeff Cohen

It's a big win for Internet-based, indie media that posted its "Afghan War Diary," based on 90,000 leaked US military records detailing a failing war in which US and allied forces have repeatedly killed innocent civilians.

Bursting 'Officer Bubbles'
The Real News Network

Const. Adam Josephs, now known simply as Officer Bubbles, has become one of the Toronto Police Service's most infamous members thanks to a Real News video. But has the popularity of the video hurt or helped the media's portrayal of the events of the G-20 in Toronto?

Managed News: Inside The US/NATO Military Industrial Media Empire
Peter Phillips & Mickey Huff

We face what appears to be a military industrial media empire so powerful and complex that truth is mostly absent or reported in disconnected segments with little historical context.

Calderón Hails Maximiliano Cortázar's Work
Suzanne Stephens Waller

The Presidency reports that over the weekend, President Felipe Calderón accepted Maximiliano Cortázar Lara's resignation as the Presidency's Director of Media and Communications.

Behind the Media Contractors' Veil
Stars & Stripes

When the U.S. military in Afghanistan canceled a media services contract with the Rendon Group last summer, Stars and Stripes, which had assailed Rendon’s analyses of journalists’ work as an affront to press freedom and a Pentagon effort to skew public perception of the war, saw it as a white flag and moved on.

Wanted: Some Journalists With Guts to Take on the Government and BP!
Dave Lindorff

The Obama administration and BP have clearly been conspiring to hide the magnitude of the Gulf oil catastrophe from the public. One way they're doing this is by threatening jail terms and $40,000 fines against those who go to document the fiasco.

Two Journalists Killed in Mexico, Reporters Without Borders Says

Two reporters were killed this weekend in "continuing media bloodshed" in Mexico, the non-governmental organization Reporters Without Borders said Monday.

President Leads Expansion of Once TV Coverage
Suzanne Stephens Waller

During the signing of the agreement to expand Once TV México coverage, President Felipe Calderón declared that this is the first step towards a public television station that will reach the whole country, as well as a complement to private television stations in Mexican state broadcasting and productions.

Icelandic Parliament Strengthens Protections for Journalists and Whistleblowers
Sam Knight

On June 15th, Icelandic Parliamentarians unanimously approved a resolution that contains some of the strongest protection for freedom of speech and freedom of information in the world.

Mexico: Local Media in the Line of Fire
Emilio Godoy

It is open season on local media in states and cities in the interior of Mexico, which are virtually unprotected against violent attack and have been the worst hit by the murders of at least eight journalists this year.

US Denies Visa to Colombian Journalist
Frank Bajak

The U.S. government has denied a visa to a prominent Colombian journalist who specializes in conflict and human rights reporting to attend a prestigious fellowship at Harvard University.

Why Did It Take a Rock Magazine to Report the Military's Total Disaster in Afghanistan?
Peter Richardson

The controversial Rolling Stone profile of General Stanley McChrystal didn't just expose poor judgment on the part of the U.S. military's key leader in Afghanistan. It also illustrates one of the most persistent shortcomings of American corporate journalism.

Pentagon Ban on Guantanamo Reporters is Illegal, Group Says
Lesley Clark

A coalition of major news organizations is challenging as unconstitutional Pentagon rules that were used in May to ban four reporters from covering military commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The Right to Be Wrong
New York Times

The Supreme Court has long held that newspapers and other publications have the right to be wrong, as long as they did not err deliberately or with negligence. Unfortunately, the court missed an opportunity to uphold that principle when it refused to take an important First Amendment case last week.

Study: US Media Redefined Torture After US Started Practicing It
Daniel Tencer

The US news media radically changed how it reported on the issue of waterboarding after it emerged that US forces had used the practice, says a new study from Harvard University.

Mexico Rights Agency Decries Slaying of Reporter
Associated Press

Mexico's National Human Rights Commission urged authorities Tuesday to investigate the killing of a reporter in the Pacific coast state of Guerrero, the fourth slaying of a Mexican journalist this year.

Real News Journalist Attacked at G20
The Real News Network

TRNN's Jesse Freeston, one of the members of media attacked or arrested at G20.

USSF: The Control of Public Media as a Social Justice Issue
Yana Kunichoff

The control of public media is a life-or-death struggle fought by diverse communities working toward social change against corporate-owned or undemocratic, government-sponsored media and professional journalists.

66% of US Voters are Angry at the Media
Rasmussen Reports

Sixty-six percent (66%) of U.S. voters describe themselves as at least somewhat angry at the media, including 33% who are Very Angry.

Honduran Journalist Shot Dead, 9th Slain this Year
Freddy Cuevas

A television reporter was shot dead outside his station, becoming the ninth journalist killed in Honduras this year, officials said Tuesday.

Note to Media: Stop Calling it an “Oil Spill”; It’s a Disaster
Colby Hall

Roughly two months ago an oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11, spewing countless barrels of oil into the ocean and causing unknown harm to a fragile environment. Since then the media has used “Gulf Oil Spill” and “BP Oil Spill” as shorthand to describe the story. But the events in the Gulf that started as “a spill” have evolved to something much greater in scale.

Media Took Gov't Cash During Trial of 'Cuban 5'
The Real News Network

Ten years later, evidence that conviction of 'Cuban 5' influenced by journalists on State Dept payroll.

Mexican Reporters on Gov't Tourism Trip Kidnapped
Gustavo Ruiz

A government media tour to promote tourism in southwestern Mexico went awry when machete-wielding Indians briefly kidnapped 13 reporters on the trip, officials said Sunday. Fifteen people trying to film a beer commercial were also abducted.

Nader Says Reinstate Helen Thomas
The Real News Network

Nader: Helen Thomas apologized - she was attacked with such ferocity because she always asked 'why?'

Obama Takes a Hard Line Against Leaks to Press
Scott Shane

The recent indictment of Mr. Thomas A. Drake is the latest evidence that the Obama administration is proving more aggressive than the Bush administration in seeking to punish unauthorized leaks.

Reporter Wounded in University Clash in Oaxaca
Associated Press

A Mexican reporter was shot and wounded Thursday during a clash between university students in southern Mexico.

Helen Thomas in Firestorm for Remarks About Israel
Doug Thompson

Legendary journalist Helen Thomas dared speak out about Israel last week and she’s paying for it.

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