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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkVallarta Living | May 2006 

Mexico Quiz
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Are you planning on living or working in Mexico? What do you know about the culture and history of Mexico? The following questions attempt to dig deep into your knowledge to determine if you really know Mexico or are just an expat "wannabe."

Click on the questions to revel the answers.

01. Mexico City is built on the ruins of the capital of which empire?
The Aztec Empire
02. What is Mexico’s popular dish of beef and beans called?
Frijoles Rancheros
03. What was the name of the fort where, in 1836, a force of 180 held out for 11 days
against 6,000 Mexican troops?
The Alamo
04. In which two years were the football World Cup Finals last held in Mexico?
1970 & 1986 - the first to host the football World cup twice, and were banned from
taking part in the 1990 World Cup.
05. Which river forms the border between Mexico and the USA?
Rio Grande / Rio Bravo del Norte
06. Which small dog derives it's name from a town in Mexico?
07. True or False - Mexico once had three Presidents in one day?
08. Which Elvis Presley film was set in Mexico?
Fun In Acapulco
09. Which alcoholic drink is named after a town near Guadalajara in Mexico and made from
the Agave cactus?
10. Name the cartoon character who was ‘the fastest mouse in all Mexico'?
Speedy Gonzales - slowest was Slowpoke Rodriquez
11. What name is given to a thin Mexican pancake?
12. Which Mexico town on the Pacific coast, is best known for its cliff divers?
Acapulco - known as the 'Latin Riviera'
13. Which two animals are shown on the flag of Mexico?
Eagle & Snake
14. What nationality was Maximilian, the Emperor of Mexico, who was executed in l867?
Austrian (Austrian archduke who became ruler of Mexico in 1864 with the support of
the French under Napoleon III and, following their withdrawal, was captured and
executed near Queretaro in 1867)
15. Mexico is the worlds largest producer of which precious metal?
16. What is the Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla filled with meat or cheese, served
in a chili sauce?
17. Which town on the American / Mexico border was immortalised by Marty Robbins on a
1959 million-selling hit record that won a Grammy Award?
El Paso
18. Daracuitin, El Chichon, and Junuilo in Mexico are what geographical feature?
19. In which film does Marlon Brando become president of Mexico?
Viva Zapata
20. What is the Mexican name of the blanket with a hole in it that is worn as a cloak?
21. Which hot pepper sauce is named after a state in Mexico?
22. Which US state declared itself independent of Mexico in 1835?
Texas - Mexico engaged in war against the United States between 1846-9
23. How many teams are relegated after a complete season in the Mexican league, 0,1,2 or 3?
24. Which Mexican plant is called the Flower of the Holy Night?
25. What is Mexico's largest seaside resort?
26. In Mexico what name is given to a fried stuffed pancake?
A Taco
27. Which Russian revolutionary leader was exiled by Stalin and murdered in Mexico?
Leon Trotsky - killed with an ice pick in 1940
28. Name the mountain ranges that are southern extensions of the Rocky Mountains and
which border the Mexican plateau?
Sierra Madre
29. What is the red food colouring made from small Mexican beetles?
30. In which year were the Summer Olympics held in Mexico City?
1968 - XIX Olympiad
31. Which is the largest and most powerful feline found natively in Central America?
32. Who or what is “The Mexican” in the 2001 film starring Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts?
Antique Pistol
33. What is the national flower of Mexico?
34. Name the city and major seaport, located on the Gulf of Mexico, that was founded in
1519 by Hernan Cortes?
Vera Cruz
35. What was significant about the 1992 Mexican Grand Prix - last one to be held in
the country; the president waved the chequered flag; or a donkey was spotted on
the track during practice?
Last one in Mexico
36. What is the main ingredient of the Mexican beer Pulque?
37. Which female singer was killed by a speedboat in Mexico in 2000?
Kirsty MacColl
38. Which five American states are situated on the Gulf of Mexico?
Texas, Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida
39. 'Esto' and 'La Prensa' in Mexico are what - Railway Companies, Daily Newspapers
or TV Channels?
Daily Newspapers
40. Who, in song, lived high on a mountain in Mexico?
Angelo - Brotherhood Of Man
41. The "chupacabra" is a legendary creature said to kill animals in Puerto Rico and Mexico.
What is the English name for this creature?
Goat Sucker
42. What is the name all Mexican wrestlers are labelled with?
Lucha Libre
43. Against who did England gain their first victory at the 1966 World Cup?
44. In Mexico it is illegal for the police to sell what - their Uniforms, their Guns or their Radios?
Their Guns
Call My Bluff

45. Zapote - a) a Tropical Tree, b) a Curved Knife or c) a Toilet?
a) A Tropical Tree & its fruit
46. Nopal - a) a Cat, b) a Donkey Cart or c) an Edible Cactus?
c) An Edible Cactus
47. Guajolote - a) a Village Hut, b) a Turkey or c) a Small Child?
b) A Turkey
48. Jitomate - a) a Type Of Tomato, b) a Cage Made From Sticks or c) a Flying Beetle?
a) A Type Of Tomato
49. Tecolote - a) a Thief, b) a Wooden Coffee Cup or c) a Type Of Owl?
c) A Type Of Owl (Zopilote is a Vulture)
50. Tiebreaker - How many people are estimated to have been killed in Mexico by the
1985 Earthquake?

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