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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkNews from Around Banderas Bay | July 2007 

Glamour and Fashion at Lazy Lizard Bingo
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Marcia models for the crowd during the fabulous fashion show presented by Encore Boutique owner Mikki, makeup artist Alejandro, and Oscar of Fusion Hair.

Celebrated Mexico City makeup artist, Alex prepares to create his "works of art."

Mikki prepares the clothes for the fashion show.

The kids give Parry chocolate cash for his fund raising efforts, Fernanda brings me the boa.

Edward decided to give his favourite toy – a car from the movie Cars – to Angel.

Charlotte congratulates Oscar as he wins the 50/5O.

After a couple of months of working my tail off, I was starting to wonder why I was doing the bingo. Then Sol brought four of the children from the Refugio to the Lazy Lizard this week and I remembered again.
I've got to be honest, after a couple of months of working my tail off with only a broken camera to show for it, I was starting to wonder why I was doing the bingo.

Then Sol brought four of the children from the Refugio to the Lazy Lizard this week and I remembered again. They brought Parry a big jar of chocolate coins in return for all the money we've raised, and they brought me huge hug, a green rose hair clip and a black feather boa. I had to wrestle Mikki for the boa, she did her best to make off with it, but there was no way I was letting it go, it is now one of my most prized possessions.

It was a thoroughly heart warming bingo this week. The arrival of the kids made everyone's night, and the response from the children playing bingo epitomized the feeling. Edward decided to give his favourite toy – a car from the movie Cars – to Angel, and Stephanie, aged seven, drew a picture and sold it for $25 pesos, then donated the money to the children.

It was also the most elegant bingo staged so far. Mikki actress extraordinaire and owner of Encore Boutique, joined forces with Alejandro, celebrated makeup artist from Mexico City, and Oscar of Fusion hair to create a fabulous fashion show.

Five models gathered at Fusion before the Bingo to have hair and makeup done so we could match the gorgeous clothes Mikki had brought to display. I got to model a caftan that was literally a piece of art worth $8000 pesos.

As magnificent as the clothes were, the attention, and the money, went to the one article of clothing that should NOT have been present. Parry had decided that the Blu Suit was just too risquι for the Lazy Lizard, and had asked for that particular item to be discontinued. It is his restaurant, so fair enough.

However, it appears that Bingo legends don't just die. When I arrived at the Bingo, William Michael presented me with the suit, he won't tell me how he came by it, the whole thing is very mysterious. Last time I saw the suit Lolita, Mama Dolores' Trailer trash cousin, was wearing it (see last week's video.) Apparently William Michael and Robert came across it rolled up in some clothing in a local restaurant, more than that I cannot say.

I explained that we wouldn't be auctioning it off any more and faces fell all around the table. An under-the-table auction was suggested, but of course I could have nothing to do with it, having given my word to Parry that the Blu Suit would not be auctioned again... in his restaurant.

How Steve came to be wearing it in the fashion show under Mikki's shirts is a matter for speculation, suffice to say that although there was no official auction, the Blu Suit still managed to raise more money than any other article of clothing that night as Steve collected tips in his fashion walk.

Where is it now you ask? I have it! Mouh hahaha haaaa (evil laugh) freshly signed by Steve, goodonya mate, STILL unwashed, and YES it is up for PRIVATE auction! All proceeds to the kiddies, this "black market limited edition Blu suit that will not die but may soon stand up and walk off by itself if it doesn't get a wash" is now worth a WHOLE lot more. What am I bid??? Len?

Random bingo facts before I end this report:

Bingo Karma was in full swing. Oscar won the 50/50 and so was repaid for some of his hard work doing all the model's hair. $685 pesos will replace at least some of the hair spray he went through.

Tom and Alex continued their winning streak with two more bingos, including the Los Veranos grand prize. Dang those blokes have some serious luck.

A bean fight erupted when Patrick and Roy got rowdy and several containers were emptied into, and shaken out of, all kinds of clothing, in all kinds of interesting ways.

Fabio and Lawrence scored some unreasonably excellent Steve Fischer art deals, what a talented artist that fella is, and $7210 pesos was raised for the children. WooHoo! One more week to go!

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