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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkVallarta Living | May 2008 

Celebrating the Eternally Young
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Mari and Bob Early at Bob's birthday party.

The lovely Ayesha, belly dancer extraordinaire.

Janice Chatterton's Casa Kimberly party was a fundraiser for the SPCA.

The theme was Swinging Sixties, the food was fun, and the music was FINE!

Everyone got into the auctions and brisk, often hilarious, bidding wars ensued.

Marie (left) and Chawnalee (right) auctioned themselves off for an in-costume lunch, won by Regis (center).
Puerto Vallarta - I recently met Mari and Bob Early at Café San Angel, we got to talking, and they invited me to Bob's birthday party the following evening. He, and Beverly, Vallarta's favourite Jazz singer, would be celebrating their birthdays at La Jolla de Mismaloya apartments.

"The ladies will be in gowns," Mari told me "The party starts at 7:30 pm."

I arrived a little late and the concierge directed me "through the building to the very end," where the party in the penthouse was in full swing. Not quite what I expected, but I certainly had a great time.

I met some lovely people, though they weren't quite as formally dressed as I thought they would be, and it was a surprisingly young crowd. I was enthusiastically offered a beer and some munchies the moment I walked through the door, but no one could tell me where Bob and Mari were, because of course, I was at the wrong party.

"Stay," a charming young man implored. "I'll come back before I go" I promised him "But right now I have a New Zealand birthday song to sing."

Back to the concierge for re-routing to the appropriate event where I met with elegantly attired people eating baked salmon and other succulent morsels in a very much more refined environment. A whole different kind of fun!

The jewel of the evening was the lovely Ayesha, belly dancer extraordinaire who brought her unique grace and fun to the event and soon had us dancing with her.

The following evening I joined a party of 170 animal lovers to honour a Vallartan landmark and close a era. Casa Kimberly has been bought by a group of investors spear headed by Janice Chatterton of Hacienda San Angel, they will turn it into a boutique hotel.

I verbalized the question on everyone's lips "You are going to maintain the history and essence of the place aren't you?"

"Oh yes," Janice assured me "This was the first place I stayed when I came to PV in 1980. I wasn't looking to acquire this property, it just came up. I bought it as much to acquire its history and keep it safe. I'll be making some modifications obviously, maybe put in a restaurant, but I want people to enjoy the history as well as the space itself." Goodonya Janice!

Hacienda San Angel was also a Burton property: Casa Bursus – Burton and Susan – who bought it as a holiday home. Janice purchased four adjoining properties and created the magnificent Hacienda San Angel. If she does as good a job with Casa Kimberly as she did Hacienda San Angel it'll be more of a Vallartan asset than ever.

So y'all can relax, our famous Casa Kimberly is in safe hands. So are at least some of Vallarta's animals. The party was a fundraiser for the SPCA who have an Olympian task rescuing even a fraction of the animals that need their help.

The theme was Swinging Sixties, the food was fun, and the music was FINE! Everyone got into the auctions and brisk, often hilarious bidding wars ensued over the three great prizes – for good reason:

Dinner for six, including wine at Hacienda San Angel, Value $300

The opportunity to become a part of Casa Kimberley's new era by being the first two overnight guests when it's a boutique hotel, value $800.

A weekend vacation at the Four Seasons including dinner for two, value $2100

It was hard to put a value on my favourite auction item, spontaneously presented by Marie (left) and Chawnalee (right)/ They auctioned themselves off for an in-costume lunch, won by Regis (center) with his bid of $250.
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