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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkVallarta Living | October 2008 

Simple Online Solutions for Overseas Voters
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• To learn more about the OVF Vote-Print-Mail Ballot System, click HERE.

• For more information about the OVF/FedEx Express Your Vote campaign, click HERE.
Washington, D.C. - Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF) released two new balloting solutions designed to address the weakest points in the overseas and military voting process: ballot delivery to the voter and "voted" ballot return to election officials. The breakthroughs were announced at a major summit hosted by the Pew Center on the States - Democracy at a Distance: A Summit to Make Voting Work for Military and Overseas Voters.

The first solution, the interactive, online Vote-Print-Mail Ballot System, developed with support from The Pew Charitable Trusts, tackles the persistent difficulty encountered by many voters whose requested absentee ballots are late. The second solution, Express Your Vote, supported by FedEx Express, solves the problems of timely ballot tracking, return, and delivery confirmation.

Combined, the new Vote-Print-Mail Ballot System together with the Express Your Vote ballot return system could significantly change the number of timely ballots returning from overseas and military voters, reduce the rejection rate and ultimately boost the impact of overseas and military voting in 2008.

Find out what to do if your ballot is late.
"Navigating the landscape of overseas and military voting just got a lot easier for voters seeking to cast their ballots for the 2008 Election," said Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, OVF’s President and CEO, and visionary of the new systems. "OVF has eliminated the most persistent and taxing barriers to participation, first by automating the registration and ballot request process, and now with effective ballot delivery and voted-ballot return."

The new Vote-Print-Mail Ballot System transforms the standard blank paper Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB) from its cryptic manual form to a user-friendly online process. The system automatically matches the voter’s zip code to their voting district and dynamically generates their federal candidate lists. Voters select their candidates for office and then download, print, sign and send the FWAB into their local election office.

With Express Your Vote, OVF is offering voters a system where they can generate a FedEx Express Air Waybill specifically for ballot return. Available in 89 countries at free or highly discounted rates, Express Your Vote uses the latest technology to bring voters’ ballots back in time to be counted.

To access the new solutions, please visit

The nonprofit, nonpartisan charitable organization, Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF), was founded in 2005 to assist uniformed and overseas American citizens in registering to vote in federal elections and has become the leader in innovative online voter services for overseas and military voters.

The new Vote-Print-Mail Ballot System is made possible through the generous assistance of The Pew Charitable Trusts. Pew’s Make Voting Work initiative examines the most pressing elections problems and undertakes pilot projects and employs cutting-edge technology to foster an election system that achieves the highest standards of accuracy, convenience, efficiency and security. Visit them online at
Overseas Vote Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that provides easy-to-use online tools and services for U.S. voters residing overseas. For more information, click HERE or visit

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