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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkVallarta Living | December 2008 

Fairy Tales Do Come True in Puerto Vallarta
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Puerto Vallarta's golden sand beaches, warm blue waters, and stunning sunsets seduce lovers and whisper of romance... Whether you are planning to get engaged or get married in Puerto Vallarta, PromoVision's professional cameramen know how to capture the essence and feeling of your special moment.
Kevin and Calea, both 24 years old, always envisioned finding their one true love... their soul mate, and best friend. Kevin (Scotland, UK) and Calea (Canada) found each other at University in the USA.

Miles and miles from their homeland, they found a new home in each other. They quickly found in the other exactly what they had been searching for all along. Three years have passed and they now found themselves in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico celebrating three years together and their first vacation alone.

Little did Calea know, but Kevin had other ideas for this vacation. Packed securely in his hand luggage, Kevin had with him an engagement ring. Kevin got in contact with PromoVision Professional Video Services in Puerto Vallarta with the intention of hiring a photographer to capture the moment.

Kevin and Ray from PromoVisionPV discussed the "entrapment" where Calea would be led to believe that they would be taking pictures together, during which, Kevin would kneel down and ask the all important question... "Will you marry me?"

Ray brought along two colleagues that captured both photographs and video. Kevin and Calea began strolling barefoot on the beach, and took some pictures under Ray's direction. Ray then suggested that Kevin draw a heart in the sand around a standing Calea.

This was done intentionally as a lead up to 'the big moment.' Kevin got down on his knee, looking deeply into Calea's eyes, and asked the one he loved so dearly if she would be by his side forever. Calea said "Yes."

After the excitement and emotion, more pictures were taken around the beach and then downtown among some of the beautiful sights and architecture Puerto Vallarta has to offer. After a vacation to remember, Kevin and Calea returned to Kansas City in the United States. The first thing they did, before unpacking, was to view the photographs and video.

They were absolutely delighted with the final product. The photographs were perfect, in such a beautiful setting and the video brought back a rush of emotions. The video was quickly shared with family and friends who were able to share their moment and capture the essence of their love.

For such an important event during a couple's love story, Kevin and Calea will forever have their day documented that can be shared with generations to come. Puerto Vallarta is a place that will remain ever special in this couple's heart.

Whether you are planning to get engaged or get married in Puerto Vallarta, PromoVision's professional cameramen know how to capture the essence and feeling of each special moment. Recognizing the individuality of each couple, each wedding video they produce is distinctive and unlike any other. For more information, click HERE.

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