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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkVallarta Living | Art Talk | February 2009 

Heaven on Earth at Sol y Luna Art Gallery
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'Heaven on Earth' opens at Sol y Luna Contemporary Art Gallery on February 25th at 6 pm. For more information please call 044-322-113-0475 or email solylunapv(at)
The 'Heaven on Earth' art exhibition opens at Sol y Luna Contemporary Art Gallery on Wednesday, February 25th with a wine reception from 6 to 10 pm. Everyone is invited to come meet these 2 talented young Mexican artists and enjoy their beautiful works.

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Homage to Caravaggio

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Buda Meditation

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Apocalipsis de Pergamo

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Mujer Mistica
Antonio Carranza studied architecture at one of the top universities in Mexico, ITESO, and after concluding his studies with honors, he decided to follow his true passion, which is art.

In pursuit of his passion, he began studying art with talented artists such as Maestro Vicente Figeroa, and finally winning a scholarship at the Universidad de Compostela in Madrid, Spain.

After graduating with honors, he was invited to exhibit his work there. Carranza has experimented with different forms and techniques and has ended up with his own unique voice in the visual arts.

His mixed media drawings describe what it is to be fully human, with a sensuality, emotion and depth that are almost ethereal. Pen and ink, pencil, and oil play side by side, or in layers, moving in and out of the ultra-realistic human form, leaving negative spaces for contemplation about what is unsaid.

Upon returning to his home in Mexico, Antonio came to visit Puerto Vallarta. He had heard that this coastal town is becoming the fine arts mecca of Mexico and after visiting the galleries, decided to present his artwork to Alejandro Baez, owner of Sol y Luna Art Galleries.

"I saw the quality of art that Alejandro represents in his two galleries; I liked the ambiance and great hospitality which invites you to really enjoy the artwork, so I wanted to show at Sol y Luna. Alejandro received me very kindly and after seeing my work immediately booked my first Puerto Vallarta exhibition."

Roberto Aceves is a young and talented artist from the state of Jalisco, who studied Graphic Design at the University of Guadalajara. After a process of expressing his deepest feelings, painting figures, nudes and faces, he now expresses his vision of life with a language both realistic and figurative.

Reminiscent of William Blake's concepts of heaven and hell, his mixed media paintings on canvas are at once religious and not religious, Gothic, architectural and illustrative. He has exhibited his work in different parts of Mexico; in 2007 he was selected to participate in the National Art Expo "Jose Anastasio Monroy."

Roberto says, "The lifespan of objects is inversely proportional to that of people. Objects are born lifeless but seemingly acquire life over time. People, on the other hand, lose their vital force gradually. This dichotomy is what compels me to include both of them in my art."

Alejandro Baez, director and curator of "Heaven to Earth" says: "This is the 30th exhibition I have created for the thirty-three artists I represent in both of my galleries in the three years I have been in business here in Puerto Vallarta and it is an honor and privilege to represent for the first time these two young and talented artists. Both have very different but unique styles and techniques. Their artwork is original and fresh!"

Everyone is invited to come meet the artists and enjoy the beautiful works they've created for the "Heaven on Earth" art exhibition, which opens on Wednesday, February 25th with a wine reception from 6 to 10 pm at Sol y Luna Contemporary Art Gallery in downtown Puerto Vallarta. For more information please call 044-322-113-0475 or email solylunapv(at)

Since 2006, Alejandro Baez has been bringing his years of art experience and education to the Puerto Vallarta art scene by highlighting a collection of contemporary and erotic art by both Mexican and international artists at his two Puerto Vallarta art galleries Sol y Luna Contemporary Art and Sol y Luna Art for the Uninhibited. For more information, click HERE or visit

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