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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkVallarta Living | Art Talk | February 2009 

UOMINI: An Art Exhibit for Those Who Appreciate the Male Anatomy
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Sol y Luna Art for the Uninhibited is located at Lazaro Cardenas #230 in Puerto Vallarta's Zona Romantica. For more information, please call 044-322-113-0475 or send an email to solylunapv(at)

Sol y Luna Art for the Uninhibited is honored to present the brand new artwork of two very talented young artists; painter Yoel Galvez and photographer Cesar Padilla in an art exhibition, inaugurating February 20th with a wine reception from 6-10 pm.

"Yoel Galvez is one of the best Anatomy Artists that I have encountered" Alejandro Baez owner of Sol y Luna Galleries confirms. "I met Yoel when I visited another artist friend and Yoel happened to be there. He later invited me to visit him at his studio and immediately I fell in love with his artwork. His paintings are full of power and bliss! I was not wrong when I knew that my audience would also appreciate his male and female nudes. Yoel is right now one of my best selling artists at both Sol y Luna Art Galleries."

Yoel was born in La Habana, Cuba 35 years ago and studied at La Academia de Bellas Artes. He traveled to Russia where he also studied art and has lived in Mexico for the past 5 years. He has had art exhibitions in different parts of Latin America and now, in Mexico is being represented by Sol y Luna Art Galleries where he is having his first Art Exhibition in Puerto Vallarta. Alejandro keeps encouraging Yoel to be more daring and less conservative. This has proven to be a good idea as people are enjoying the true expressions of the nude bodies in the paintings of Galvez, which are charged with passion and sensuality.

Cesar Padilla was born in Michoacan. He spent his childhood in Sonora and most of his youth in Mexico City where he studied Acting. His professional development has taken him close to all forms of Art. Devoted to the cultural expressions of humans and life itself, he has found a natural way of expressing himself through photography, which allows him to externalize his deepest passion, world vision, esthetics and enthusiasm.

His fascination for shapes, lines and textures becomes evident in his photography of the male body. They appeal to the spectators eyes through an explosion of colors, details, curves, shades and shapes, which converge to stimulate various sensations in the spectator, ranging from the most delicately sensual to the erotic.

A self-taught photographer, whose project is based on a continuous exploration. he keeps his spirit alive by experimenting with the image; either by playing with lenses and light or even manipulating photographs with digital technology to obtain special effects coupled with his hyper realism style. In his own words he wants to "let himself get captured by beauty, rather than follow a technique."

This is the first art exhibition that Alejandro Baez owner of Sol y Luna has offered to Cesar. "I like to represent artists with great talent!" Alejandro says. "It doesn't matter if they are young or old, or have a great curriculum or they are new. I like to treat every artist with the equal respect that they deserve. If his or her work calls me, I offer them a show. Its what my eye and heart tells me not the amount of pages of an artist's resume. I am very happy to give Cesar the opportunity to have his first art exhibition at Sol y Luna Art for the Uninhibited Gallery. I invite you to come and experience the photographs of this new and up coming Mexican photographer."

Don't miss this incredible art exhibition by two young and talented artists!

Sol y Luna Art for the Uninhibited is located at Lazaro Cardenas #230 in Puerto Vallarta's Zona Romantica. For more information, please call 044-322-113-0475 or send an email to solylunapv(at)

Since 2006, Alejandro Baez has been bringing his years of art experience and education to the Puerto Vallarta art scene by highlighting a collection of contemporary and erotic art by both Mexican and international artists at his two Puerto Vallarta art galleries Sol y Luna Contemporary Art and Sol y Luna Art for the Uninhibited. For more information, click HERE or visit

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