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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkPuerto Vallarta Real Estate | May 2009 

Prudential Vallarta Agents Enjoy Catch and Release of the Day!
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Prudential Vallarta Agents Kym Raa González, Fernando Cruz and Hector González show off their sailfish before releasing him back into the deep blue waters of the Pacific.
It was a perfect day to be on the ocean just off of Punta Negra. A late May day, very calm and the electronic fish finder showed a lot of action in our area so they decided to cut the motor and begin drifting.

In less than three minutes they started seeing a feeding frenzy, with sailfish jumping in the distance. The three Prudential agents, Fernando Cruz, Kym raa González and Hector Gonzalez headed in their direction and they knew they were in the right place.

The young men quickly prepared live bait on vessel, The Canoa. They used 20 foot lines with fluorocarbon leaders and in less than 15 minutes the bait lines began to jerk. A second later a sailfish decided to attack aggressively, jumping with the hook in his mouth in a remarkable display.

After about 40 minutes his resistance waned and he began running for his life. Fifteen minutes more and they brought the fishing boat closer to quickly free him with as little injury as possible and to release him back into the deep blue waters of the Pacific.

Catch and Release Guidelines:

Catch and Release Fishing / Why Release Fish?

• Fish are a valuable resource and should be caught more than once.

• Personal efforts to enhance conservation make fishing more fun.

• Sometimes, releasing fish is mandatory because they are undersized or you already have caught your limit.

• Releasing fish helps with population recovery for heavily fished species.

• This is your opportunity to pass opportunities to fish along to the next generation.

How to Begin

• Decide to release the fish as soon as you hook it.

• Generally, land the fish quickly and don't play it to exhaustion.

• Set the hook quickly to reduce the likelihood the fish will swallow the bait.

• Bring a fish in slowly from deep water to help it adjust to changing pressure.

• Don't use barbed or rusty hooks.

• Keep your release tools close by.

Handling Your Catch

• Leave the fish in the water if you can and use a tool to remove the hook.

• Keep the fish from thrashing without using a net if possible.

• If you must handle a fish: use a wet rag or glove.

• Turn it on its back and cover its eyes to calm it.

• Don't put your fingers in the eyes or gills of the fish.

• Avoid removing mucous or scales.

• Get the fish back in the water as quickly as possible.

• Handle each fish carefully to avoid person injury.

Removing the Hook

• If the hook is very deep within the fish or it can't be removed quickly, cut the leader close to the fish's mouth

• Back the hook out the opposite way it went in.

• Use needle-nose pliers, hemostats, or a hookout to remove the hook and protect your hands.

• For a larger fish in the water, slip a gaff around the leader and slide it to the hook. Lift the gaff upward while pulling downward on the leader

• Do not jerk or pop a leader to break it - it injures vital organs in the fish.

The Final Moments

• Place the fish in the water gently supporting the mid-section and tail until it swims away.

• Resuscitate an exhausted fish by moving it back and forth to force water through its gills.

• FOR SALTWATER OR DEEP WATER FISH ONLY: When releasing fish that cannot right itself or is showing a distended air bladder the bladder should be gently punctured: Gently insert a thin point (knife blade, wire or ice pick) through the side of the fish immediately behind the upper part of the pectoral finbase. This is usually directly below the fourth or fifth spine. Let the air escape without pressing on the fish and put it in the water to let it swim away.

• Watch the fish when released. If it doesn't swim away, recover it and try again

Remember, a released fish has an excellent chance of survival when handled correctly.
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